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Why You Should use WordPress to Power Your Website

It’s certainly true that when trying to decide what will power your website, there’s a lot of different systems to choose from- but here we’ll tell you why you should use WordPress.

No doubt as you talk to different web developers and designers, many will suggest something different. Some will swear by the holy grail of Magento. Others, it’s Drupal or die. You even get one or two who will suggest a custom built website from the ground up (often expensive!). If anyone suggests using Wix or a website builder of that ilk, do two things. Firstly- grab your wallet or purse and run a mile. Then, read our recent post on Website Builders to tell you why.

But we’re going to talk WordPress. Yes, okay it started off life as something people used to make blogs, and people still can. But as the years have gone by, it’s become a “content management system” of its own to the point where a third of websites worldwide use WordPress- everything from a village magazine to multi national companies worth billions.

So, sit back and let us explain just why WordPress is awesome.

Cost Effective from Build to Maintenance

The beauty of WordPress is it’s free for people to run, study, share and modify (also known as the GNU GPL Licence). From that, many of the finest web wizards and superheroes in the world have spent years developing everything from templates to plugins for WordPress to turn it from the humble blog platform into the CMS behemoth it is today.

Naturally, with a wealth of resource to hand, this means that the savings from not using a closed system are passed onto you when it comes to building the website. You can do it cost effectively and once more, the quality of the website doesn’t suffer either.

While we advise steering clear of the free templates and attempting to do it yourself for the sake of your business, there’s an abundance of features and templates just waiting for your attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re an internet radio station or an online marketplace, there’s something on WordPress just for you and your needs.

It’s Easy to Update

Remember, WordPress started off life as a way to run a blog. Once more, unlike most boybands or politicians, it’s not forgotten its roots now it’s hit the big time. It’s still a blog at its heart even if it’s got more advanced.

What that means is within your glorious looking WordPress website, you can keep it up to date yourself with the latest news and info of what your business is up to. New Product? Moving to a new premise? Hired a new tea lady? Tell your customers and the wider world about it without losing any hair from the stress of trying to do so.

You don’t need an expert to keep it up to date all the time, but if you prefer, we can also help you with that.

It’s Adaptable

You might decide a year or two down the line you want to add a different feature. Maybe your customers are jealous of the mugs your team use for their coffee and want one. Easily add an online shop to your website. Maybe you want to launch an app but control the content from your website? With WordPress, you can do that. Some systems might not have the ability to do it quite as easily- but with WordPress it can be done quickly and effectively in the right hands.

Dorset Tech- The WordPress Wizards

You’ve probably guessed by now that here at Dorset Tech, we’re pretty big fans of WordPress. If you’ve read this far, you might well be too or are keen to learn more.

Let us help you with that. Our team of Web Development Superheroes can help you turn nearly all the wildest dreams you might have for a website into reality with our WordPress development packages- our custom WordPress sites (built from the ground up just for you) start at only £395. Because it’s not just about building a website. It’s about making sure it reflects you, using it to its full potential and thanks to the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensuring the world knows where to find you.

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