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File Manager Hacked: Nasty new Malware doing the rounds – lowerbeforwarden

EDIT 6th Sept 2020 00:02: Due to the high volumes of requests for help with this virus, we've recorded a video detailing how to fix it. It's a live run through of a real site, so the video is 50 minutes long, but will hopefully help people solve their issues EDIT 5th Sept 2020 15:13: Wow this is affecting a lot of sites! Just done one that was slightly different. In the script the...

Is A New Website An Investment?

When the time comes to think about a new website one thing that puts people off upgrading is if it really is a necessity. Does a new updated and modern website really make that much of a difference to a business?  With websites nowadays costing upwards of £500 this can be a lot of money especially for a small business. This leaves business owners pondering if to stick with their old and dated...

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What We Learnt During Lockdown

We Can Cook: Having to queue to get into supermarkets for sometimes hours on end kind of put us off going shopping. Restaurants were closed and takeaways closed also. These 3 things combined to have a positive affect on all our culinary skills. We suddenly had to learn how to cook (well some of us did).  With all this spare time and all our favourite things taken away from us  that involved leaving the...

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Local or National SEO Rankings, Which Should You Go For?

When it comes to creating a strategy to achieve the free rankings in Google, one of the decisions you need to make is which keywords to go for. Keyword research should always be the first task you perform and one of the decisions you make is should you target national rankings for example “carpet fitters” or local rankings like “Dorset carpet fitters”. You can easily spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on trying to...

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Why It’s Now Easier Then Ever To Sell Online

As a business owner you might have been putting off selling your products online due to the worries about costs, being complicated and the overall hassle of getting it set up.  We can gladly tell you gone are the days of it being a long drawn out process with many complicated tasks required. We can also tell you it’s not that expensive anymore and in most cases selling your products online via E-commerce...

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Could Your Hosting Be Harming Your SEO Rankings?

You might have spent thousands on your new website and it works perfectly with smooth transactions and providing an excellent visitor experience but are you missing out on traffic due to your hosting being limited.   As much as you try offer a great experience there are many factors out of your hands and one of the main ones is your hosting. Below we explain some reasons your sites performance could be being hampered...