Kids Club Website Design

Discounted rates and possible subsidies from the social enterprise web agency.

We have created a great number of kids club websites, for clubs all over the UK.

Our prime focus is affordability  – we understand that some kids clubs are staffed and run by volunteers and all the issues that come with that.

A new website for your kids club can create a lasting sense of belonging, increased engagement by advertising activities that are available and allow some online services like booking or registration, cutting down on paperwork and saving time.

We won’t give you a templated website that looks like every other club website you’ve probably seen loads of times. At Dorset Tech, we believe every customer deserves the best and that includes you! So, we’ll work hard to give you a bespoke website design that works just the way you and your club (not any other) want it to.

We’re also the developers of Club Hub – the leading Children’s Club Directory.

Kids Club Websites

While our kids club websites are compatible with all existing kids club booking systems, we’re not big fans of the frankly archaic and limited ones that prove popular in the UK. We have built a modern, fully integrated kids club booking system that allows users to book places, manage payments and store important details about the children in your care. Our system is available as a WordPress plugin for your existing website, or for the best solution, we offer it as a complete package with a fully responsive kids club WordPress website.

No monthly fees!

Why choose us?

Even your mate down the pub will often claim to be a “web designer” (they say designer because they don’t understand what a web developer is) and with WordPress being so powerful, they often can fumble their way through creating something – often a credit to WordPress rather than your mate, but it will always look like a DIY site.

Unlike “Dave” we know how to write code. We’re fluent in the various coding languages that make a website and so can fully customise any element of a WordPress website. A DIY site can be spotted a mile off and your kids club deserves better. While “Dave” is doing his day job, we’re building attractive, individual childrens club websites all day every day. We know what works and what doesn’t. Doesn’t your kid’s club deserve a stunning website?

Benefits of a Dorset Tech Kids Club Website

Our Kids Club websites are custom made, not carbon clones. They are powered by WordPress, making use of the most flexible CMS on the market and not tying you in to us. They’re also affordable.

  • WordPress is 100% Free
  • No monthly fees
  • Easily update your website (we’ll show you how)
  • Sell tickets to events/clubs online
  • Allow members to book and even pay online
  • Email newsletter integration
  • Great custom website – not a carbon clone of every other kids club
  • Fully responsive websites that work brilliantly on any device
  • Ongoing support, should you need it

The Kids Club Website Development Process


We learn about you, your kids club, your likes/dislikes and what you want from your new kids club website

Web Design

We create detailed mock-ups of what your new website will look like, making amends as required.


We build, populate and style your site. We offer your training and do any amends requested.

Testing & Deployment

We test your site on devices and emulators to ensure the launch will go smoothly.


We're here for you in the years that come, adding new features and helping you promote your site.

Kids’ Club Website Examples

Being Children’s website specialists, we’ve built a lot of them! Here are a select few displaying the broad range of designs and purposes, from schools, to dance classes and of course Club Hub.

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