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Discounted rates from one of the most experienced Automotive Web Design Agencies.

We know Automotive! Our team members have worked as Technicians, Service Advisors, Sales (business, fleet and retail) and Group Marketing Managers for most brands, especially the premium brands. In the agency we add to this experience, by working with the franchise dealer networks and independents alike with everything from websites and mobile apps through to digital signage and full CRM solutions.

From our own brand of sales events with an average 87% response rate, to our VW Group factory order, handover booking diary and “free stock availability” tracking system  – we’ve achieved things for dealer groups that no-one else has.

Most of our automotive work has been covered by NDAs and an exclusivity agreement, but these have ended so we’re using the rest of 2021 to build up our Automotive portfolio and make 2022 our “Year of Automotive”.

Most Car Dealer website suppliers (note I didn’t say developers…) will give you the same template as every other retailer. There’s market leaders with only 1 developer. This is of course fine if you want a site “off the shelf” and don’t mind waiting for weeks for basic amends, but you deserve better than that. We have a very large development team (expanding rapidly) and a support structure to match.

Dealer Management Systems

As integration specialists, we can do the unexpected. We’ve integrated with a system which to this day the manufacturers say is impossible – our solution has been live for 12 years! Integrating with your existing system reduces admin, eliminates double keying and most importantly – identifies profit opportunities.

While our car dealership websites are compatible with all existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS), CRMs, booking systems and sales sites such as Motors and Autotrader, we’re also building a new innovative DMS of our own.

Learning lessons from the Automotive CRMs and stock management systems we’ve built and have been reliably used over the last 12 years – coupled with the things we hate about some of the systems on the market, we’re building a new modular DMS from the ground up.

Why choose us?

Even your mate “Dave” down the pub will often claim to be a “web designer” (they say designer because they don’t understand what a web developer is) and with systems like WordPress being so powerful, they often can fumble their way through creating something – often a credit to WordPress rather than your mate, but it will always look like a DIY site.

Unlike “Dave” we know how to write code. We’re fluent in the various coding languages that make a proper website and so can fully customise any element of a website (WordPress or otherwise). A DIY site can be spotted a mile off and your dealership deserves better. While “Dave” is doing his day job, we’re building automotive websites and providing leading web design in Dorset all day every day and innovating with our own Car Dealer Management Systems.

There are some pretty big companies that also specialise in Automotive website design, in fact many of them exclusively work with car dealers. We’re not going to pretend that’s the case with us. We work with clients in most industries, just specialise in Automotive. This allows us to have a much bigger development team allowing us to react quicker and of course offer more services than any other specialist. From 3D printed performance car parts and CAD renderings, to video editing and advanced email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of a Dorset Tech Car Dealer Website

Our Car Dealership websites are custom made, not carbon clones. They are normally powered by “Open Source” content management systems, or by special request something bespoke (not recommended) – either way, you will have full control over the site, making changes yourself. Being Open Source, we have full access to every line of code, enabling us to add any feature you desire, from mobile apps, to integrations. WordPress has become the most popular and that is suitable, making use of the most flexible CMS on the market and not tying you in to us either.

  • 100% Free CMS
  • No monthly fees
  • Online Bookings
  • Tyre Price Calculators
  • Live chat
  • Finance Calculators
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Stock feeds
  • Parts and merchandise stores
  • Take deposits online
  • 360 vehicle previews
  • Email newsletter integration
  • Great custom website – not a carbon clone of every other car dealer
  • Fully responsive working great on all screen sizes
  • Great market leading SEO
  • Personalised training videos

More Than Just Development:

At Dorset Tech, our commitment extends beyond the mere construction of your website – we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your digital presence and ensure sustained success. Beyond the initial website development, we offer a spectrum of support services, ranging from general assistance to specialised solutions such as search engine optimisation (SEO). Unlike other companies that may limit their involvement in website creation, we go the extra mile by offering ongoing support without the imposition of a retainer. Our unique approach allows you to access the support you require precisely when you need it, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness. By choosing Dorset Tech, you not only invest in a website but also secure a reliable partner committed to your long-term digital prosperity, all at affordable and transparent prices.

Our Services Include:

The Car Dealership Website Development Process


We learn about you, your dealership, your likes/dislikes and what you want from your new automotive website

Web Design

We create detailed mock-ups of what your new website will look like, making amends as required.


We build, populate and style your site. We offer your training and do any amends requested.

Testing & Deployment

We test your site on devices and emulators to ensure the launch will go smoothly.


We're here for you in the years that come, adding new features and helping you promote your site.

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