The Carbon Neutral Web Design Agency In Dorset

We’re not just committed to making the web industry better, we like to make our impact on the world too. Locally we have a large number of community projects, from our very own children’s STEM education centre and free advice service, to our free charity website campaign and our local village magazines. However, as lovers of nature we don’t stop there!

Most of our servers have been carbon-neutral from the start, but we took steps in 2020 to offset all our other carbon emissions, from fuel, car/van/train usage, electricity, heating oil and we’ve added a buffer to be carbon positive. So you can be sure your web design in Dorset won’t cost the earth in more ways then one.

What’s more in 2021 we switched out our diesel work van for an electric car, charged with green energy.

Kenya Reforestation

There are many ways for companies to buy carbon offsetting, but deforestation is a huge issue that we think needs to be tackled. We are proud to support the Kenyan Reforestation project and hope that our trees will be home to African Grey Parrots, like our rescue “Newton” that we adopted.

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