Native iOS App Development

We’ve Been Building Custom iOS and Android Apps for over 5 Years, Both Native & Hybrid

Building your native iOS app could cost a lot less than you imagine! This is because our unique social enterprise status makes our apps around 1/3 of the price of rival agencies. We also offer Hybrid Mobile App Development which can bring costs down again. Get in touch with Dorset Tech to discuss your iOS app requirements – we might just surprise you!

Why Native iOS App Development?

If you’re looking for value for money, we always recommend Hybrid App Development. However, you may prefer having a Native iOS App developed for your business. Native apps are designed to work on device-specific software – in this case, Apple devices. As native apps are optimised to specific type of devices, they can take advantage of the latest software available. They can also be optimised for best performance on Apple devices. Native iOS apps perform faster and with more flexibility due to being written with specific code relating to iOS.

Why Choose Us?

App development is far more expensive than website development… or is it? We’ve reduced our iOS app development rates to match our web development rates! While we currently have a much smaller team for app development than web, meaning a waiting list, we are working hard to expand the team over the summer.

We are experienced, not only in building iOS apps, but in building powerful APIs to provide data to them. We even provide fully integrated websites that use the same data and user logins. Dorset Tech is well practised in dealing with Apple and their (sometimes damn right awkward approval) process!

Benefits of Native iOS App Development

When it comes to building apps for native iOS devices, we’ve built them all! This includes eCommerce apps, directory, loyalty and games. Dorset Tech are the iOS App Development experts!

  • Fast, responsive performance on IOS devices
  • Push notifications onto iOS devices
  • Quality assurance through App Store ratings
  • Better user experience on iOS devices
  • Broad functionalities on iOS devices

The App Development Process


We learn about you, your business, your likes/dislikes and what you want from your new app

Mobile App Design

We create detailed mock-ups of what your new app will look like, making amends as required.

App Development

We build, populate and style your app. We offer your training and do any amends requested.

Testing & Deployment

We test your app on devices and emulators to ensure the launch will go smoothly.


We're here for you in the years that come, adding new features and helping you promote your app.

Mobile App Examples

Here are a select few displaying the broad range of designs and industries.

poole app developers, Flutter apps
web designer poole, Flutter apps
poole app developers, Flutter apps
web designer poole

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