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Early Years Outdoors: Nature-Themed Educational Fun!

Welcome to our featured customer series, where we highlight the unique offerings of our valued partners. This week, we are thrilled to introduce Early Years Outdoors, a pioneer in nature-based early childhood education. Their innovative approach and thoughtfully designed products make learning an exciting and engaging adventure for young children. From nature-inspired activity packs to comprehensive educational resources, Early Years Outdoors provides everything needed to foster a deep connection with the natural world and promote holistic development in children.

What They Offer:

Nature Activities:

Early Years Outdoors offers a wide range of nature-inspired activity packs aimed at inspiring your little ones to learn more about the world through engaging, hands-on experiences. These thoughtfully designed packs include a variety of fun and educational materials, such as seed planting kits, bug observation tools, nature scavenger hunt lists, and craft supplies made from natural elements. Each pack is carefully curated to spark curiosity, creativity, and a love for the outdoors, helping children develop essential skills while they explore and interact with the natural environment. Whether it’s learning about the life cycle of plants, identifying different insects, or creating art from found objects, Early Years Outdoors provides endless opportunities for children to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the world around them.

Seasons Collection:

Early Years Outdoors offers an enchanting collection of seasons-themed activity packs designed to immerse your little ones in the wonders of each time of year. These meticulously crafted packs include a variety of seasonal materials and activities that encourage children to explore and learn through nature. In the spring pack, kids might find flower planting kits, butterfly life cycle activities, and birdwatching guides. The summer pack could include beachcombing treasures, sun print art kits, and instructions for creating nature-inspired crafts. Autumn packs might feature leaf identification guides, pumpkin decorating supplies, and acorn scavenger hunts, while the winter pack could offer bird feeder crafting kits, snowflake observation tools, and pinecone art projects. Each activity pack is designed to engage children’s senses and foster a deep appreciation for the changing seasons, promoting outdoor exploration, creativity, and a lifelong love for nature.

Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes:

Early Years Outdoors offers a delightful collection of alphabet, numbers, and shapes learning packs designed to make foundational learning fun and engaging for young children. These carefully curated packs incorporate nature-based materials and activities that help children grasp essential concepts while connecting with the natural world. The alphabet learning pack might include wooden letter blocks, nature-themed flashcards, and leaf-rubbing activities that teach letter recognition and phonics through hands-on play. The numbers pack could feature counting stones, number trail scavenger hunts, and nature-based math games to make learning numerals and basic arithmetic enjoyable and interactive. The shapes learning pack may come with shape sorting games using natural objects like rocks and leaves, shape tracing activities with sand or clay, and puzzles that help children identify and understand different geometric forms. Each pack is thoughtfully designed to foster cognitive development, fine motor skills, and a love for outdoor learning, ensuring that children build a strong educational foundation while having fun in nature.


Early Years Outdoors offers an extensive range of resource products that are designed to enhance outdoor learning and provide educators and parents with the tools they need to create engaging nature-based educational experiences. These resource products include detailed lesson plans, activity guides, and educational posters that cover various topics such as wildlife habitats, plant biology, and environmental stewardship. Additionally, they offer durable outdoor classroom equipment like weather-resistant seating, natural play structures, and interactive learning stations that encourage hands-on exploration and discovery.

Why Choose Early Years Outdoors?

Choosing Early Years Outdoors means investing in a holistic, nature-based approach to early childhood education that nurtures a child’s innate curiosity and love for the outdoors. Here are several compelling reasons to choose Early Years Outdoors for your educational needs:

Innovative Learning Resources:

Our extensive range of products, from activity packs to resource guides, are thoughtfully designed to integrate nature into everyday learning. These resources provide children with hands-on, engaging experiences that make foundational concepts in literacy, numeracy, and science come to life.

Holistic Development:

Our nature-inspired activities promote not only cognitive development but also physical, emotional, and social growth. By engaging with the natural world, children develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Seasonal Exploration:

Our seasonal collection activity packs allow children to experience and learn about the unique aspects of each season. This approach helps them understand and appreciate the cyclical nature of the world around them, fostering a deeper connection to the environment.

Educational Fun:

With our alphabet, numbers, and shapes learning packs, foundational learning is transformed into a fun and interactive adventure. Children learn essential skills through play, making education an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Support for Educators and Parents:

We provide comprehensive resources and durable outdoor classroom equipment that empower educators and parents to create enriching, nature-based learning environments. Our products are designed to withstand the elements and inspire curiosity and exploration.

Commitment to Sustainability:

At Early Years Outdoors, we believe in teaching children the importance of caring for the environment. Our products often incorporate natural materials and sustainable practices, promoting eco-friendly habits from a young age.

Choosing Early Years Outdoors means embracing a holistic, nature-based approach to early childhood education. Their wide range of innovative products, from seasonal activity packs to foundational learning kits, ensures that children can explore, learn, and grow in harmony with the natural environment. By promoting cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development through engaging, hands-on experiences, Early Years Outdoors creates enriching educational environments that inspire curiosity and a lifelong love for nature. Empower educators and parents with their comprehensive resources, and join them in fostering a brighter, more connected future for our children. Invest in Early Years Outdoors and make learning a joyful and adventurous journey for your little ones.

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Dorset Tech Support

The Dorset Tech support team is here to offer you the advice and news you need to get your foothold in the ever-evolving digital world.

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