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Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

When you’re looking to build a website yourself, it’s very tempting to use one of the many DIY website builders offering themselves for free or cheap. We can see the attraction- you save money on a web developer. You control your website. And most importantly, it’s easy. At this point, we mean things such as Webs, Wix or sometimes you can get website builder software with a hosting package.

But what you save in money from not using a web developer in favour of the website builder, you’re potentially putting yourself at risk of losing more in lost trade.

Here’s three reasons why you should never use a website builder.


In an increasingly digital age, a website is to a business what a school uniform is for schools- that is, something that represents you. You want your business to look every bit the part of the values you uphold- and as such, you want your business to appear professional. Most website builders operate by offering you a limited range of templates- a range that’s even further restricted on the free website builders. No two businesses are the same, and as such, no two businesses should look the same either. It’s also worth noting that if you’re using that template, how many of your competitors might be also? By being the business with the best website, you’re potentially giving yourself an advantage over others.


The inhibitions of a website builder are equal in functionality as it is appearance. Most website builders operate a list of functions that fit the bill of “one size fits all”- and quite often, that’s not good enough. When you use a web developer, every single part of your website is designed to suit you and your needs and you can’t get that from a template or a website builder. It might look like its easy to build and there’s probably lots of different things within the builder- but not many will be relevant to you.


Most website builders with a free function come with a subdomain- that is for example- or along those lines. A subdomain like this is a massive no no for a business. It not only gives a deafening scream of “amateur” to the customer, but is likely to lose out on a lot of potential trade- which is the whole point of the website, right? That’s because quite often subdomains of a website are not likely to reach highly on Google and other search engine rankings (SEO). What’s the use of a website if no one can find it?

To get rid of such a subdomain, website builder providers often entice you with a “premium” option- often consisting of different features and the ability to register a domain name with them for your website. Quite often, the price you pay for this privilege can be more than what it would cost were you to buy a domain name and have your own hosting, for example.

As such, in the long run- not only is the website builder you’re using limited on functionality and appearance, it’s also potentially going to cost you more. Once more, in some instances, once you register a domain with a website builder provider- it can be complicated to transfer your domain and sometimes, cost you even extra to do so.

Web Developer vs Website Builder- Why Choose A Developer

You want your website to be the finest advert and representation for your business and brand that it possibly can be. Using the uniform analogy mentioned earlier- it’s the difference between a nicely ironed uniform and one that came straight out the tumble dryer and covered in dog fluff.

With a web developer, you’re not getting a one size fits all option for your website. You’re getting something built from the ground up to your exact requirements and specification, tailored specifically to you.

It’s sometimes true that in the long run, you’ll even end up saving money and getting a better website.

Here at Dorset Tech- we do just that. Amazing value websites with top of the class results- no naff website builder software invited. Once more, all of our websites are easy to maintain once built. With us, you’re literally having your cake and eating it. For more details, Contact Us today.

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