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What is a Social Enterprise?

It’s a phrase you’ll see a lot on this website- we’re proud of the fact that Dorset Tech is a Social Enterprise. It means we operate differently to most web and digital media companies- or indeed, most companies.

A traditional company operates on the model that profits go to shareholders or company owners. As such, quite often what they’ll do is keep costs to a minimum to maximise the profit- more profit means more dividends and happy shareholders. But then, you may ask- what is a Social Enterprise?

Profits for Good

Like a traditional company, a Social Enterprise makes profits- however rather than fattening a bank account, the profits made are reinvested into the company itself or other good causes.

For example- let’s say someone runs a café as a Social Enterprise. The profits they make from the things they sell might be reinvested into the company to fund training opportunities for people with disabilities or long term unemployed. They may well use their profits to ensure their staff are paid a fair wage. After all, quite often in the service industry, staff are on a minimum wage. Maybe it funds a free memory café session for those with memory loss. Or, they might use their profits to donate to good community causes.

We at Dorset Tech do just that. As a Social Enterprise, all profits we make are reinvested back into the company, enabling us to make a difference to the service we offer customers and the community we live in. For instance, we’ve ran educational sessions. We have an educational centre as part of our offering- helping the next generation become engaged in STEM subjects. We also heavily invest in the area we live in.

For The Community

We’re relatively unique in our model as a Social Enterprise Web & Digital Development agency. There aren’t many like us. We love where we live and where we’re from and through our work, others benefit too. For example, we contribute time and resources to helping community organisations get their message heard. We also do the same in the production of a village magazine, the “Marnhull Messenger”- a vital communication asset for the community in a world where accessible media is becoming increasingly sparse.

As a social enterprise, we volunteer around 30-90 hours each month of our teams time in the community. Not only is it the award-winning magazine. We offer tech advice drop in sessions, provide a hub for recruitment, a kids robot combat club, volunteer time to help with a local toddlers group, a village music festival and of course provide free websites and design for local causes.

None of this would be possible if we weren’t a social enterprise. None of this would be possible without you.

You Benefit Too

The benefits of being a Social Enterprise don’t just extend to the area we live in. As customers, you benefit too. By reinvesting our profits back into the company, we’re able to keep our prices down to a level that many consider too good to be true or impossible. Our standard rates are generally a third of the price you’d find elsewhere- and because of how we operate, we can do this without compromising on the exceptional quality you deserve and rightly demand.

We also offer heavily discounted rates for charities, start ups and companies working with animals/children. (Something we’re passionate about!). Once more, by paying our team a fair rate of pay, we can hire the talent that your project needs.

Why are we a Social Enterprise?

It all stems from the ethos of our founder and Managing Director, Chris Ryu. After the closure of his previous employers, he used the opportunity to create a company that reflected his enthusiasm for doing right for others. End result? The birth of the Social Enterprise agency. Central to that is his passion of using his skills to help others and provide opportunities he was not able to access in his youth. Chris’ story is one of from nothing to something- a real success story and central to his work is his belief in benefiting others rather than sitting on a large bank account.

Help Us to Help Others

All you have to do is provide your custom. We offer a vast range of services at extremely competitive rates and by choosing Dorset Tech, you can be sure that every penny we get from you goes into something good. So not only are we likely to beat the quotes you get elsewhere from competitors- we’re also able to help others.

There may be one or two that claim to offer the same rates, but the simple truth is in some cases the service they offer is second class. We’re different, because we are different in how we run- we’re the Social Enterprise agency, and what we can do.

Find out for yourself by Contacting Us today.

Dorset Tech Support

The Dorset Tech support team is here to offer you the advice and news you need to get your foothold in the ever-evolving digital world.

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