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Google Algorithm Changes: What You Need to Know

All you thought you knew about SEO is about to change thanks to upcoming changes to the Google Algorithm. This is important- after all, when you look for something, how often do you go to Google? Where your website appears matter to the success of your business- high rankings mean increased traffic. For this reason, having a good SEO on your website is critical and with these Google Algorithm changes it’s important you’re not left behind.

What are the Google Algorithm Changes?

The Google Algorithm changes could potentially affect the results for one in ten websites; while one in ten might not sound much, when you consider how many websites constitute the internet, that’s still quite a lot!

In the past, the Google Algorithm treated a search sentence as a “bag of words”. So- when you wrote a sentence or question such as “who is the greatest Prime Minister”, it would pick out “Prime” and “Minister” as more important words than “is” and “the”. Doing this eliminated context from the intention of a search sentence.

The Google Algorithm changes announcement itself gave an example of what is changing. In this instance, someone searches “Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy”.

The old algorithm picked out “medicine” and “pharmacy” and returned local results under the assumption you were looking for your local chemists.

However, with the changes, the new algorithm notices “for someone” and takes notice of the fact you’re looking to find out if you’re allowed to pick up someone else’s prescription for them.

The end result? Same search query, very different results.

Another example Google gave was “Parking on a hill with no kerb”. The old algorithm ignored the word no and returned results delivering a top suggestion involving one referencing how to park on a hill with kerbs. The Google Algorithm changes mean that it’ll include no and deliver a more relevant result.

How This Affects You

Traditionally when SEO has been operated on a website, it’s been on the basis of the binary SEO phrasing that Google Algorithms relied on. For example, Good SEO included not involving the words described as well as others. The non-inclusion of these words means that if left unchanged, your previously high ranking may result in being overtaken by competitors.

Central to that is employing the correct SEO techniques in order to ensure you keep yourself ahead of your competitors- after all- keeping near the top of the Google Algorithm means keeping yourself on top of the rankings.

That also includes going forward. You may know that SEO is a constant process rather than just one where “once it’s set, it’s done”. You need to keep ahead of any changes and using the keywords that match these Google Algorithm changes.

Dorset Tech Can Help

Within our team at Dorset Tech, we’ve got a team of SEO Superheroes that are already ahead of the game with the Google algorithm changes and can help you to do so too. Our first class, great value SEO solutions mean that you can also stay top of the pack. Whether your website needs changes to stay on top or want the magic that’ll get you there, our team of industry experts using the very best tools and methods can help you do so.

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Dorset Tech Support

The Dorset Tech support team is here to offer you the advice and news you need to get your foothold in the ever-evolving digital world.

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