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Why You Should Avoid Vistaprint for Business Card Design

You’ve seen the adverts from Vistaprint promising top of the range business cards for prices too good to be true. We understand it can be tempting- after all, you want the best for your business. However, what you end up getting may not be what you hoped for. With that in mind, here’s why we think you should avoid Vistaprint for your business card design.

It’s All About The Templates

Templates are great if every business was the same- but the whole point of a business is to be different from its competitors. If every business was the same, why would someone choose you over someone else? Therein lies the problem with templates. You’re limiting yourself to restrictions that someone else has defined for your business.

So, on the face of it, it might be easy and straightforward to take part of one of the litanies of Vistaprint’s offers, but is the end product really you?

That’s before we mention the ultimate limitation with templates from Vistaprint or other similar businesses- that is, if you’re using them, how many of your competitors are too? The key part of success is standing out from the crowd and templates can’t deliver that. The last thing you want is to look like everyone else.

Quality at the Right Price

On the face of it, Vistaprint seems cheap- especially with their endless offers and sales. So, we know it’s tempting. However, quality often is reflected in the price- so the cheaper something is, the less the quality. You don’t want poor quality business cards flying the flag for you, do you?

Quality doesn’t need to be expensive- often, it’s knowing where to look. The first thing you see isn’t always the best- would you do the same for your company car insurance? However, that sometimes isn’t reflected in Vistaprint’s end product. Sure, it’s probably adequate for some, but if you’re serious about your business, it’s worth paying a little bit extra to get the edge on your competitors.

Business Cards- The Shop Window to You

Think for a moment about why we use business cards. It’s often the shop window between potential customers and yourself. You’re at a business networking event seeking new business. Your potential new customer likes what they hear about what you do. You then give them a business card, and it either looks like it was done by an amateur or looks a lot like another one they were given. What’s their impression of you going to be?

A well branded business card is quite often like a school uniform. It’s the identity by which people can identify you. Just like it’s often said a well-presented school uniform can represent a school, the same is true for your business card. It represents you. Do you really want something that looks second grade because it’s cheap or from a template? That Vistaprint offer that seems too good to be true might well be that.

The Solution is Dorset Tech

Here at Dorset Tech, our team of superheroes is your salvation from the Vistaprint villain. With us, you don’t have to accept second best. By choosing us for your business card design and printing, you’re not at the mercy of a giant, automated system. You’re being dealt with by real people. Part of our service is the design of your business card. We don’t use templates, we design each business card from scratch and handle the process of production and printing ourselves.

Once more, our team are branding experts- everything you see on the website you’re reading now is designed by us. We know how to create distinctive designs- look here for what we can do with your Print Design.

Our team work with you to understand your business, what matters to you and the branding you want for what you do. We then design it, and get it printed ourselves.

Can Vistaprint offer that level of one to one service? Once more it doesn’t have to cost the earth and with us, any profits are reinvested back into keeping our costs low and benefitting the community in which we live and work. Not some faceless fat cat.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you get the edge over Vistaprint and the big boys.

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