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Top Twitter Hours to Grow Your Business 2019

Interacting with Twitter hours and joining relevant conversations can be a great way to grow your business and set you apart as somebody worth listening to in your chosen arena. Twitter hour? What?

What’s a Twitter Hour anyway?

A Twitter hour is an event set up on Twitter that allows users to contribute by using a # (hashtag) to a conversation that is held at a specific date and time. The hashtag usually explains what a tweet is about, for example, during the recent election, the hashtag #election2019 was used to denote people talking about it on Twitter.

You can search Twitter for subjects that interest you by looking for these hashtags using Twitters search function.

During these twitter hours, users promote their businesses and services as well as socially interacting with others. It’s an excellent way to promote your business to people who would be interested in your services or could help your business grow, maybe by encouraging them to visit your website or contact you.

You can even schedule your tweets to coincide with the hour you want to take part in but there may be an associated cost, depending on how you do it.

So, here’s a brief list of top Twitter hours that we’ve picked for you to get your teeth into (note that it might be wise to search out the relevant #hour first just to get a feel for it before you post):


8am           #Back2WorkHour
9am           #BizMumFollow
12noon      #UKBizLunch
2pm           #BizHour
8.30pm     #BuyOnlineHour


12noon       #UKBizLunch
12noon       #AutoHour
3pm            #B2BHour
7pm            #FashionHour
9pm            #SmallBizHour
9pm            #BlogHour


1pm           #TheLegalHour
7.30pm  #HandmadeHour


12noon          #UKBizLunch
2pm               #BizHour
3pm               #B2BHour
6pm              #WineOClock


2pm             #BizHour
3pm             #B2BHour
4pm             #GBHour
6pm             #WineOClock
8pm             #RetailHourTime
9pm             #MumPrenuerHour

There are also regional hours and hours dedicated to towns which may interest you. For example, #DorsetHour is 7.30pm on Mondays and #SouthWestHour is between 8-9pm on Thursdays as is #LondonHour. Try searching for your local town or niche subject to see what comes up.

There are several awards on Twitter – something we’ll cover in a future blog, but our favourite is #SBS run by Theo Paphitis on a Sunday. Tweet your business to him between 5-7pm and you could be selected to join the SBS Winners Family.

If you find a Twitter Hour that helps you to grow your business and you think we should tell others, let us know.

Happy Tweeting!

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