Have your product or service reviewed on our Youtube channel.

Starting in October, we’ll be reviewing products and services weekly on our Youtube channel, blog and social media. While we will consider requests from all industries*, we will be prioritising winners of the Theo Paphitus SBS competition.

Product Reviews

Send us your product to review and Chris/Emma will develop a range of content highlighting your product, it’s benefits and pricing. Where appropriate, we’ll conduct product photography and video tests. This content will be shared with our rapidly growing audience on multiple channels.

Service Reviews

Enter your details on the form and we’ll review it as soon as possible. Due to the already high number of requests, we do ask that if it is a paid service, you give us a free account to try the service with.


*we reserve the right to refuse reviews where there is a conflict of interest, a clash with our ethos, or content that is not suitable for our audience.

The Process

Step 1

Once received, we take your product(s) into the studio for some images and B-roll footage.

Step 2

A video is recorded by Chris/Emma. This will often include the unboxing experience. If you’re an SBS Winner then there’ll be a short background on the SBS competition. Where applicable we’ll demo the product/service in use. Where suitable the video will be set to premiere on Youtube at the start of #SBS on a Sunday to maximise exposure for your brand.

Step 3

A blog featuring the video is written and published on our website that has rapidly increasing traffic. A link to your website will be added and indexed.

Step 4

The video, blog and images are shared on multiple social media accounts.


From time to time, we will be revisiting your product/service.

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