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Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

Blogging has been a consistent part of marketing over the last several years but has changed quite a bit in strategy. Blogging can be an important aspect of your business, yet we still get the question, “why does my business need a blog?” and “Why do I need to blog regularly?”
Whether you have an online business, entrepreneurship, or a local business, you should still have a blog.

And here are reasons why:

Website Traffic

One of the reasons for blogging regularly is website traffic. You can share your blog posts on your social media platforms to invite readers and potential customers. If you have business social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you can share your blog posts to which overall will give you more credibility, will give you an opportunity for your social media platforms to be updated, but more importantly, will invite readers and potential customers to your website.

Moving up the rankings

Keeping a regular blog can grow your business’s SEO; having fresh content is key to rising in the ranks of search engine result pages. Including keywords in your blog posts make it easier for search engines to find your site.

Helpful content

With so many online businesses, making sales from your website has become a lot harder, and can be expensive to promote to get any return. But regularly posting blogs to your site for the reason above of getting higher up in the search rankings will put you in a better visible position for your target audience. Your blog helps keeps your audience interest, and promotes your business at the same time, whilst reading your blog they’re more likely to check out other pages on your website. Post helpful content for your audience, including videos, podcasts, interviews, tips and tricks, ultimately creating great content for your website and social media.

Attracting new clients

Blogging and posting relevant content is a valuable tool to use to increase traffic to your website. Every blog post you create adds a new page, revitalising your website, search engines will then re-crawl your website to index your new content.

Building your reputation in a particular field of interest and become a figure of authority

Reputation is everything online, and blogging is an essential piece of the puzzle as it allows you to share your thoughts and ideas regarding your industry with your audience.

Building Trust

The written word is powerful and many people trust it, blogs improve the level of trust towards your business. If you provide helpful and accurate content, solve a problem your visitor is looking for, you will see the increased confidence in your brand.

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