What is Lead Generation?

If your business has an online element such as a website then you will probably generate enquiries online via some method. One such method is called lead generation. This is the process by which you encourage site visitors to perform an action. This could be completing a form, signing up to something like a newsletter or buying a product.

Lead generation is different as it tends to be used by companies that require a form to be completed. This could be for an insurance quote or finance application.  Lead generation usually uses specialist pages designed to entice the site visitor to complete a form and submit their details.  Hitting that big submit or get quote button is the ultimate aim of the site owner.

Lead generation is usually done on pages specially created and designed in a certain way. Usually this page is not linked to from the main website as it’s looks slightly different to the main site. It will have the most essential information required so the site visitor gets all the info they need to decide if to complete an action. These are usually bullet points that contain the most vital info, some examples below:

  • Compare free quotes
  • Search major providers
  • Cover from £5 per month
  • Loan decision today
  • Buy online now
  • Compare insurance quotes
  • Free sign up today
  • Instant decision online
  • Free delivery fast
  • Sale now on

These are just examples and what you use will be related to the product or service you provide. Usually the lead generation page will include a large tagline at the top, a small 1 sentence summary of the page and what you provide. Then below you will display brand logos if legally allowed to and you work with different companies, insurance providers for example. Bullet points should always be at the top of the page and next to a form. The form you use will play a big part in the success of your lead generation. Too long and it puts people off, especially if it extends all the way down the website so the site visitor has to scroll.

Your form only require the most basic or minimum of information you need from the customer. This helps keep the form size down too. Try keep any fields for telephone or email last so by the time they reach the end of the form they will more likely give you these personal details. You should always have call to actions on your lead generation page such as quote now, free quote, instant quote or apply here etc. Any submit buttons should always be bright and visible.

A lead generation page is designed so it targets one product or service, so any images can be of the product in question. The more relevant that page is to the product or service the more chance of obtaining an end action be it form completion or sale. Usually lead generation pages are created to work with PPC campaigns so the user clicks and goes direct to the page. For example if you sold caravan insurance then your PPC advert would link direct to your caravan insurance lead generation page. Reducing the amount of clicks needed by the customer and increasing the chance of a sale.

In general lead generation pages are a more basic example of your website, designed to simply convert traffic into leads or sales. The beauty of these types of pages is you can trial new formats, layouts and designs. They can be designed to test against each other, some call this A/B testing.  You then eventually find what works best for your business.  Every piece content for a lead generation page is usually targeted to one specific product or service.

Another good tip is to reduce the option of the site visitor to click away from the page they have landed on, this could be achieved by removing any links in the header and only having limited links in the footer. The aim is to keep the user on your page as long as possible. Here at Dorset Tech we can help with all your lead generation pages by designing excellent converting pages for your website to help setting up PPC (pay per click campaigns). Speak to a member of the team today for a free no obligation chat on your lead generation requirements.

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