2021 A Year of Change

It’s finally here, the last day of 2020 and potentially one to forget for most.  Let’s be honest how many of us are consigning this one to the written off pile. Individually we are sure  many of us have had reason to celebrate, maybe an engagement or new family member, promotion at work, re-acquaintance with a family member etc.  However for most of us the overall feeling is phew I’m glad that’s over with.

Lets not be too hasty though as we are still in the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic and we are almost as restricted as April onwards earlier this year. However the saving grace is the new vaccines that are being rolled out as we speak. So how did 2020 make an impression on us and what changes did we see and new things find out.

Business is Fragile:

One thing the pandemic in 2020 showed us is just how fragile how business and work industry is. Industries and businesses you would not have thought be affected were. Companies that relied on other companies for parts, work force etc were all affected by a domino style effect. This meant even if not directly affected by the virus they lost work and income.

Many companies had to find cenforce 25 new ways to generate business and an income. An example is the iPhone launch was delayed as the factories that built them could not carry this task out due to the companies making the parts being affected by the virus and having to shut down. It all had a knock on affect.  There weren’t many industries not affected by the pandemic and we got a taste of reality in just how fragile our industry is.

We Can Adapt Better Then We Know:

For many of us it became a case of adapting to deal with the virus. This meant we had to make changes to find new ways to carry on with our lives as normal as possible.  For many this was the change to working from home. All of a sudden the kitchen table was the office, lounges became meeting rooms and the front room became the gym.  For many they had to have a crash course in technology and learn to use video calls for meetings.

Society Still Shows Weakness:

Sadly one aspect of the pandemic that was highlighted was there is still work to be done in coming together to work as a unit, to all pull in the same direction. Whilst the majority of the country adhered to what restrictions and rules were put in place there was always a tiny element who chose not to.  I’m sure most of us have seen people not wearing masks, standing too close and generally ignoring all the rules. To get back to any kind of normality we need everyone to pull together, hopefully 2021 we shall see this.

Heroes Don’t Just Wear Capes:

2020 saw the rise of many heroes from many different areas, some we would never have guessed. Whilst we always greatly appreciated the work the NHS and the staff who work there such as nurses and doctors etc we never thought they would be required to work on the frontline against such a massive threat. Putting their own safety at risk day after day.  These were truly heroic actions and they were never asked to do this yet stood bravely at the front of the fight.

Other industries also stood up to be counted such as postmen, supermarket delivery drivers and many more.  Suddenly we realised just how important and vital a role in society these people played. It’s fair to say we had our eyes opened to what really matters and who we rely on to live our daily lives.

The Vaccine Creators We Never Knew:

We have all probably been guilty of stereo typing lab workers and scientists into an image of people in white coats simply looking into microscopes or doing some other mundane task.  It’s fair to say now we think very differently, thanks to these very same people we could start to see a return to normality in 2021.  Restrictions alone and Tiers may never be enough to combat the  virus and the only true end to all this is via a vaccine. How grateful we really are to these oh so clever men and women who under so much pressure have managed to develop a vaccine the whole world desperately needs.

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