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PHPS’s new version 8.0 is expected to be officially released early December 2020. And will bring us a whole bunch of new and powerful features. This will have an impact on new websites as developers use this to code websites and other online systems. The aim of the new release is to simplify highly complex tasks whilst upgrading the new features.

PHP is a very popular programming language that has been used for developing static or dynamic websites for years now, as well as web applications. The acronym initially stood for Personal Home Page, but the meaning has since been changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

One of the primary advantages of this 25 year old open-source, general-purpose programming language is that it can be embedded into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is also a widely used code. Most website developers use HTML to manage the front-end of their sites while employing PHP for the back-end to handle how the domain runs on the server.

Almost 8 out of 10 websites use some form of PHP so this will affect quite a lot of websites. The programming language is one of the most popular used by developers and coders. At present PHP 8 is in the latter stages of development. Amongst the new or updated features to be addressed in the new release of the language are:

• (JIT) Just-intime compiler
• Union Types V2
• The Weakmap Class
• Static Return
• The nullsafe operator
• Named arguments
• Attributes
• Match Expression
• Constructor Property Promotion
• Throw Expression

There’s quite a lot more coming too in terms of features but like any new coding language release this could be subject to change right up to the last minute. The overall aim of the new release is to speed things up website wise but also make it easier for the developer, hopefully meaning they require less time to perform actions on the site which could mean less hours charged for to the website owner.

Most websites use some form of PHP script one way or another so this new release is vital for the continuous development of coding and the languages used. If you are unsure if this new release will affect your website or you simply want to find out if you can benefit form the release feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your website and requirements.

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