E-commerce Store Owners Christmas Check List

With Christmas approaching faster then ever now is the time to think about launching your Christmas campaign if you are an E-commerce store owner. People are already starting to browse online for ideas for presents and purchases are already being made. Below we have a brief outline of steps to help you on your way to making the most of the increase in traffic and online buying activity.

Pre-Plan Ahead:
Sit down and plan your strategy now, ideally you need to start your action plan in the next couple of weeks, any later and you will miss the Christmas rush. Plan all your stock items, what you want to sell, any promotions and who to target online. Make sure your delivery details are in order and decide which, if any promotions you will offer. You also need to think about staffing during the busy period too.

Start Email Marketing:
If you have an email marketing list then we would advise you to start promoting your Christmas offers now. Give people enough time to consider your deals and make a purchase online. If you have a newsletter option also consider using this too for your promotional needs.

Update Content:
If you have certain items you want to sell more of or are suitable for Christmas presents then you might want to give these maximum exposure on your website, maybe homepage exposure. Maybe create a section on your website for Christmas gifts and ideas. Any deals or offers should be highlighted like free delivery etc. If you use banners then create Christmas related ones to display on your website.

Social Media:
If you have social media activity then now is a good to time to start drumming up interest and business. Maybe announce any offers or deals on your social media platforms. Run competitions to encourage activity and ask open questions so people stay and chat and discuss things on your pages.

PPC Adverts:
If you don’t already do so then consider running an online marketing campaign using PPC (Pay Per Click). This way you can target potential customers at the exact time they are looking to purchase using keywords. You can keep total control over what you spend and when also so you never spend more then you can afford. The 2 main places for this are Google and Bing (Now Microsoft).

Create Holiday Content:
We don’t mean add falling snow to your website, please don’t! It always helps getting your site visitors into the Christmas spirit by having a festive touch on your website. Maybe add some holly to your logo etc. If you use banners then get some special festive ones designed to use. Never go overboard but adding a Christmassy feel to your website is always a good thing.

Update Delivery Details:
One thing that changes at Christmas is delivery times and expectations. Always include a last date to guarantee Christmas delivery on your website so people know when they need to order by. Make sure if you run any offers like free delivery that you advertise these clearly on your website. Include any special delivery options like next day etc too.

Create Offers:
Shoppers love offers, even if it might not be a huge discount or saving, as long as it’s money off then it will encourage a purchase. Discounts, buy one get one free, 10% off etc, all help to entice a site visitor to part with their cash. Always make sure you promote any deal or sale item on your website on the homepage and on your social media platforms if you can. You could even include any deals in your newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

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