4 signs that you need a new website for your business

4 Signs That You Need A New Website For Your Business

If you’re like the average smartphone user, you probably upgrade your phone every couple of years. Isn’t it remarkable how fast technology changes in that time? And how many people want the latest upgrades? (more storage, larger screens, etc.) Unfortunately, that can’t be said for websites. Despite a similar pace in developing websites and its technologies, businesses aren’t updating their websites as often as they should.

There are different signs that your company website needs a refresh. We’re not just talking about how your website looks (although that is a good starting point). Other aspects of your site to be aware of are the performance and functionality, as they can play a significant factor in your SEO ranking or conversions.

Here are 4 signs that you need a new website for your business:

Slow page load speeds

Have you ever clicked on a website but 3 or 4 seconds later clicked off it again because it took too long to load? One of the most significant issues in older sites is the speed of webpage load times. Excessive load times will contribute to higher bounce rates. Not only that, Google prioritises faster load times when determining a websites search ranking, affecting your SEO.

Your site is not mobile-friendly

Today, a mobile-friendly website is vital. Mobile devices make up more than half of web visits worldwide. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile screens, it may start to hinder your possibility of acquiring new customers. Even if you think your website is mobile-friendly because it’s responsive when viewed on mobile devices, it doesn’t always mean it’s designed and laid out correctly for smaller screens.

Poor conversion rates

If you aren’t getting enough leads or conversions from your site, it’s probably time for a website upgrade. If you’re unsure whether your conversions are suffering due to your website, get in touch, and we can help you get to the bottom of your problem.

It’s been a few years since you updated your website

If your website is 3+ years old, things still need to be upgraded for your site to function as efficiently as it did before. No matter how simple or complex your site is and you haven’t updated it in years, there’s a high chance it needs an upgrade.
Apart from the cosmetic aspect of your site, there are a few behind-the-scene reasons to update your site. For example, are you up to date with your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate? If your URL doesn’t have a small padlock icon next to your URL when displayed in a web browser, your website isn’t considered secure, which could damage your website rank in search engines.

If you’re unsure whether these 4 reasons are affecting your website, don’t hesitate to contact us. Dorset Tech can help with your website re-vamp and keep your website up to date as needed.

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