What To Expect in 2021

With 2020 almost drawing to a close and life still nowhere near back to normal, what can we expect from 2021 for both business and leisure?  This year has been one of the most surreal and world changing on record, with everybody dealing with a situation they had firstly never thought would happen, secondly weren’t prepared for and thirdly want to end as soon as possible.

But will things be different in 2021? Or can we expect more of the same so should prepare ourselves?  Below we discuss some of the key areas that have been affected by the pandemic and what we can expect next year or what we should prepare ourselves for.


It’s fair to say the 1st quarter of the year or at least up until Spring will still see restrictions in terms of what we can do and where. What facilities can open will depend greatly on the area on if any Tier restrictions are in place.  Many restaurants will be open in some capacity especially as they have transformed themselves into luxury takeaway outlets.  Don’t be surprised to see restaurants open and shut dependent on the Governments restrictions for the first few months of the year. If cases rise in your local council area then restaurants will revert back to takeaway only.

Cinemas will most likely stay closed until a vaccine has been established and a large percent of the population has received it.  At the very least we will still be looking at a reduced capacity for film viewings for a large part of 2021. Until at least the vaccine has taken affect nationwide.

Gyms and leisure facilities will be open as long as the area is not in full lockdown. At present even on Tier 3 they can open if operating safely and within guidelines set out. Many gyms are operating on a limited number per hour basis with bookings online to ensure your time slot and keep control of numbers attending. This will most likely stay in place through to the summer.

As it stands at present crowds are just being introduced on a limited basis to football matches. This will most likely be more frequent and be allowed at more clubs but this depends on the amount of cases in the clubs area and the Tier they are in.


2020 has seen many businesses fold and go under, such has bene the impact of the pandemic. Late 2020 has seen business start to claw back some form of normality however this was quickly stopped when national lockdown started in November. Christmas is usually the busiest period for many  businesses and is the golden quarter meaning the 3 months before they can make their profit for the year.

The impact on businesses will still be being felt long into 2021 unless they have a strong online presence.  Leisure businesses like indoor crazy golf and bowling will continue to be impacted until the vaccine has been distributed nationwide.

Staff are still being encouraged to work from home and this trend will more then likely continue for the most of 2021 partly due to employers recognising it’s effectiveness and how much it can cut costs for businesses.


The vaccine programme will play a huge part in how travel is affected in 2021. We don’t just have to worry about ourselves and the UK it’s what other countries are doing also we have to keep an eye on. We might get to a point where here in the UK we manage to all but eradicate the virus and we are returning to almost normality, however if another country is struggling seeing high number of cases then no ravel to that country will be allowed. So whilst we might have got our own house in order travel depends on if other countries have also.

Staycations will no doubt prove popular again until Spring, with people wanting some form of holiday and with travel overseas most likely still heavily restricted. If the vaccine is successful and the UK has bene vaccinated and overseas countries are experiencing the same then if travel bans are lifted expect to see a huge increase in bookings, more so then potentially ever before. The travel industry could easily see it’s busiest period ever as people finally get to have an overseas holiday and seek sun and rest. The “we need a holiday” thought process will be prevalent throughout the UK that’s for sure.


It’s no exaggeration when we say the vaccine could literally save lives, save businesses and save peoples mental and physical health and wellbeing. So much rests on the impact the vaccine has and when it is rolled out to the population.  With the vaccine being given to people in stages and to certain sectors of the population there will still be a delay before it’s full impact can be felt and seen.


For the most part the first 6 months of 2021 will most likely be the same as the last 6 in 2020. With different regions going in and out of different tiers subject to case levels. The vaccine will most likely still be being rolled out to the UK population so won’t have kicked in yet in terms of having an impact.

People still need to wash their hands, wear masks and make space and just generally be sensible. We are so close to seeing some end in sight yet still need to act accordingly and carry on doing what we can do keep ourselves and others around us safe. One things for sure it will be part season when we finally dop see the back of this virus and pandemic and normally is resumed.

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