Most Desired Christmas Gifts in 2020

With Christmas day looming fast we thought we’d have a look at what could be hot and in demand this year on many peoples present list.  A few are obvious and no doubt demand will outstrip supply.  More and more  of these items are hotly tipped to sell out before the big day, especially with people buying online due to the pandemic, so get your orders in early to not disappoint loved ones if any of these items are on your list of what to buy.

Xbox Series X

It goes without saying Microsofts most recent release is in hot demand even selling out via pre-order months in advance. New models have found there way on auction sites at almost double the original cost.  The initial first day release rush shows no signs of slowing down too. More orders and stock are expected in December so it’s a case of searching and checking everyday to try secure yours before Christmas.  Probably the number one item to appear on the most Christmas wish lists.

Playstation 5

Sony’s rival to the Xbox has also recently been released recently too much fanfare and anticipation. Stock is  there if you look but as Christmas gets closer more and more people will be buying this so always best to secure yours sooner rather then later.  Many websites have stock checkers so you can check multiple outlets at the same time.  With game changing graphics, sound and usability the Playstation experience has kids hooked and will be on many a Childs or adults come to think of it’s wish list this Christmas.

Amazon Echo Dot

The 4th generation of Amazons smart speaker has hit the shelves and with it’s totally new look to the previous generations this is sure to be a much in demand gift.  Going down the spherical route it offers a much more balanced sound experience and also looks very space like!  The new shape alone will entice many to upgrade from previous versions.

Baby Yoda

Who doesn’t love Star Wars and with the new Mandalorian TV series taking the streaming world by storm this toy will be in high demand. Baby Yoda. Available in many options, cuddly toy, animated moving toy etc. Disney will be very happy with the sales of all Baby Yoda relayed gifts thanks to the hit TV show.

TV Streaming Subscriptions

With so many choices now for TV streaming services more and more people are requesting these as gifts. Especially now Disney+ has come out, expect this to be very much in demand. The lockdown showed us just how varied the choice can be not to mention extensive on streaming services such as Netflix so more people will want this as a gift this Christmas, especially since we may still continue to be in lockdown or have restrictions in 2021 as it is now.

Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate. Well know you can experience luxurious genuine hot chocolate from your own home thanks to this clever and very special gift. Simply pour your milk in and add the authentic real chocolate flakes and in just a few minutes you have authentic hot chocolate.  You can even get an assortment of flavoured chocolate flakes too. Amazing hot chocolate at your fingertips any day of the week.

Lego Sets

Every year it’s the same with Lego sets making the top 10 most wanted lists of toys. Especially the film based sets such as Harry Potter or Star Wars.  Lego has been around for longer then we can remember but still continues to be a major player at Christmas.  Most households will have some form of lego this Christmas as it continues to expand it’s range and appeal to a wide audience.

iPhone 12

Having been out just a month this is still a hotly in demand gadget.  Maybe one for the adult here  but as always people love to upgrade and the iPhone 12 will be  a frequent player on Christmas wish lists.

Nintendo Switch

With handheld gaming still a big player in the video game world the Nintendo Switch is a popular present idea. Allowing gamers to switch between playing at home and on the go.  Whilst not as popular as the 2 big players in this market the Switch is proving popular as a family gadget.  You can choose to play on the TV or gather round and play on a smaller screen.

Gotta Go Flamingo

Tipped to the be gimmick toy of 2020 the Gotta Go Flamingo is an animated Flamingo you feed and  then clean up his poop.  All the while laughing and singing his song.

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