What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

You might have heard the phrase “landing page” when discussing website design or search engine optimisation and PPC (Pay per click). But what is one? As the name suggest it’s a page your site visitors land on when visiting your website. Normally it’s a page you have directed your website traffic to, so you can get site visitors to perform an action be it purchase, form completion or any other action.

Most other pages of your website have multiple roles, such as contact links, header and footer links to other areas of your website or to inform site visitors of the many choices they have be it for services or products. Landing pages only have one role or job, they are designed to have the same look and theme of your website but only focus on one thing. Often they don’t have many outbound links or links to other pages of your site. The text content would be based around the singular product or service you are trying to sell.

For example if you are selling over 55 life insurance your page would have the form and all text and bullet points would be focused on over 55 life insurance. There would be no link on the main landing page to other sections of your website or other services. The tagline or page title would be large and mention life insurance over 55 etc. Basically, then you send traffic to that page from SEO or PPC only for people seeking that product. This way you have more chance of a conversion or the site user performing the action you want them to.

Landing pages are great if you use Google Adwords or PPC campaigns a you can use these as your page the advert directly links to increasing the chance of a conversion. For example if you sell insurance then you would have a landing page created for the many different types of insurance such as car, bike, travel etc. Landing pages are designed to focus on one product or service. There are limited directions the visitor can go once the land on the page. They are sometimes called lead generation pages too, especially if the action is a completed and submitted form on the page. Landing pages are great for social media PPC campaigns also.

If you run email campaigns then landing pages are ideal for this too, directing traffic to where you want to go. For example if your email campaign is about a holiday to New York your landing page would be built to only focus on New York. If you work with an online marketer they should know what a landing page is and how best to create one that converts traffic from a certain source. Combine landing pages with a strong analytics strategy and you have a fantastic source to increase your business turnover.

A landing page is an entry point for particular section of a website based on a product or service. The images, content, text, links would all be based on one subject, usually combined with a form of some sort to capture the visitors information or enquiry direct, rather then have them go to the contact us page. You usually have a main headline, supporting headline, image in header or form, call to actions and bullet points and then descriptive text paragraphs. Testimonials are also a good trust option as well.

Here at Dorset Tech we have experience with landing pages and incorporating these into your marketing campaigns, speak to us today for a free no obligation chat to see how we can help you.

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