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three reasons why your business needs a creative business card

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Creative Business Card

Some people say business cards are a waste of time; you have a box of them in your work draw, a few in your wallet or purse, but they never change hands. Can they generate revenue and keep your employees working hard? No, but what they can do is get you noticed, get your business in the minds of those who need your services. Creative business cards can either make or break your business.

The world may be moving to digital platforms, digital connections and media, but business cards are far from being retired or obsolete as a business strategy. This isn’t to say that all business cards are good; they can be lifeless. Business cards shouldn’t be one-dimensional; your business isn’t. So be creative and represent your business with flair.

Creative business cards start conversations

Have you ever given someone your business card and wonder what they’ve done with it or watched their reaction? Boring business cards are given a fleeting glance and are put in the receivers wallet or purse, never to be seen again.
Creative business cards, however, receive an interesting glance and further examination. An interesting, creative business card will grab the attention and hold it. So what comes next once you’ve got their attention? Opportunity for conversation! Now it’s all down to you to pitch your business or create a lasting and exciting impression. Your creative business card has gotten your foot in the door; you just need to keep the door open.

Creative business cards create lasting impressions

Business cards are there to make the first impression and get you and your business remembered. Business is competitive, and everyone is vying for the attention. Billboards, flyers, posters, radio ads, TV ads, online banners and many more, bombarding people in all directions. If you settle on having a boring business card, you’ll get ignored and forgotten. With a creative business card, you’ll create a lasting impression with potential new clients, strangers, or even current clients that might recommend you to others. Whether your business card is colourful or purposely minimal, represent your brand and company well on paper, and you’ll be remembered.

Creative business cards put your business on the map

You business card is the perfect place to showcase your company. A business card is the first insight to you and your business people receive. Does your business card tell people what you do? Does it provide clues as to your specialities without you having to spell it out? Get creative and showcase clever ways to demonstrate what your company does and can do for the person who receives your card.

You might need the help of a designer to bring your ideas to life, and you don’t need to look very far! Dorset Tech designers can help bring your business cards to life so that they don’t end up in a draw. Your creative business cards will get you noticed, get you leads, and get you remembered. So why not get in touch and see how we can make your business cards pop!

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