The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the most influential and important virtual space where the platform is not only used for social networking but it a fantastic way of getting your brand out there and your products/services.

Done right, it can be the maker between being successful or a failure for you and your business. There is so much more to Social Media Marketing than just putting things on social media- whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media services such as YouTube or Pinterest.

44% of the UK Population uses Facebook daily, 43% of the UK Population uses Twitter, and 54% of the UK Population uses Instagram, No surprise Instagram has the highest percentage.

The days have gone when you would spread a message about yourself and what you do via an expensive advert in the newspaper or maybe even the TV/Radio. With the constant rise of people using Social Media on a daily basis, the chances of someone paying someone to put an expensive advert in the newspaper is very very unlikely. For example, newspaper circulations are down with the publishers relying on a Social Media first strategy.

Without being said it can also cost a lot of time and money to do this but Social Media Marketing is definitely the way forward, you can reach much bigger and better audiences this way for cheaper. It is definitely worth it.

Benefits OF Social Media Marketing-

Audience Targeting:

This is one of the greatest benefits that social media platforms have brought into the world of business. When a business sets up an advertisement on a social media platform, they indicate the profile of the person they want to view it. As a result of this, businesses can effectively reach their products’ target market.

Prior to social media, it was very difficult for businesses to determine how well their advertisements were targeted and whether they would reach the right audience. Also, the great thing with social media is you can look into your insights and see how well a post or how your account is doing as a whole, how fast it’s growing, and what people are engaging with / enjoying the most.

Provides Direct Access To Customers:

Through all social media platforms, business has a method to directly contact and stay in touch with their customers. Which is fantastic, its so much better / easier than having to go through other channels, a business can communicate directly to its customers if they have any new products or sales they would like to share and try and promote.

Easy Way To Measure The Impact Of Your Campaigns:

One of the great things with social media being it is quite easy and fast for a business to measure how well or how poorly it did in its marketing campaign. Social media platforms provide you with real time numbers of the people who are engaging with your communication. You can get numbers of how many people actually responded to your call or just clicked through or liked your post. It’s great!

Unlike with some other marketing and advertising methods such as TV or billboards have this on limitation. This means you cannot tell accurately how many people have watched an advert on TV.

Build A Community:

You know as well as we do that the most important part of a business is connecting with customers. Another benefit to social media is that businesses can easily build communities around their brands. Having loyal customers means you can quickly and easily communicate with the world and the organization about their product.

Social Media Marketing Is Much Cheaper:

It is much cheaper than most traditional methods of marketing. Most of the time it is free. A business can easily inform their customers and the world via posting a simple post on all their social media platforms. If they wanted to promote this it wouldn’t be free of course but most of the time social media marketing is free.

Rather than having to pay out for a full-time advertisement on a newspaper or having to pay for prime time on TV, social media has seen the reduction of previous high marketing costs.


Businesses can gain a lot from social media. Social Media Marketing is cheap if you use it correctly and it enables you direct and quick communication between businesses and customers.

Dorset Tech-

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