How To Up Your Social Media Game

If you are a business owner then it is impossible to ignore the huge impact social media could have on your business. If you aren’t aware of the many impacts social media has on your business then you need to get up to date with it, fast. You wouldn’t want to be missing out on all the potential new business you could have. If you are already spending money on advertising in say magazines, papers, or maybe even radio stations then maybe work out which adverts are worth it and which aren’t. The ones that aren’t worth advertising in, put the money into a social media campaign instead.

Whilst it’s not the most complicated task to carry out, social media marketing does require you to work in a certain way so you encourage and entice people to read your posts, view your site, and more. Here at Dorset Tech, we know a thing or two about social media marketing so we thought we’d put a little brief together to educate you on the basics. Should you require more help and advice or even want us to manage your social media marketing then please feel free to get in touch anytime and we would love to help.

One of the key things to know is…

Don’t Over Post:

One of the most important things to know when it comes to social media marketing is to not over-post. People can get bored easily when you post anything and everything.  Once or twice a day is about the going rate for most standard social media accounts. But, with that being said it also depends on what kind of industry you are in of course.

Keep It Nice And Simple:

People like to quickly read through social media content. Usually when they have a spare minute or two so make sure to keep the posts short and informative but nice and engaging to make sure you catch their eye. There is a reason certain social media has a limited character length, as Twitter does and that is to make sure the content is nice and Short but snappy at the same time. Short and snappy posts will always be read more than long ones. When it comes to posting links somewhere else, then just keep your post short but explain the content of the links, that way people will go straight over to the link.

Most people who tend to use social media tend to browse, not go on it to read.

Encourage Participation:

People love a good debate so every now and again encourage a fun debate on your social media accounts. Ask people for opinions, do polls and questions. Make sure to keep it nice and simple and fun.

Make Sure To Make Use Of Hashtags:

Using hashtags in your posts is key. Make sure to always use the most relevant ones to what you are posting about and try and use keywords that people are searching for. Check out what hashtags are trending at the time and if they are relevant to the content you are posting, then make sure to use them. Don’t use too many hashtags at one time, 3/4 is the perfect amount to use. Avoid using silly long hashtags too, try and make sure they are short but sweet.

Humour Is Important:

Many people use social media as a for of escapism from the real world. People tend to use it as a place to get away from certain things in their day. With this being said always try and make sure humour is involved in your content, even it is a tiny amount it will make a difference. Every now and again it  is a good idea to post some humorous posts too, just make sure they aren’t sensitive / offensive topics.


If you are a business then every now and again it is good to run competitions. Everyone loves a good old competition. For an example if you own a holiday home in the country, run a share, follow and like competition for a two night stay as a prize. That way many people will join in and engage, you will be amazed at how quickly it will grow and help your business as a whole. Everyone loves a freebie and it is easy to like and share on social media. Therefore lots of people will love to get involved.

Make Sure To Use Analytics:

Make sure you use are using the various of free tools you can get to check out your feedback on the posts people have interacted with the most. This way you can really see what is working for your business and what isn’t. That way you can see what is really working and make sure you carry on doing what works. Most platforms gives you free stats but you can also pay too if you want to know the finer details that a free tool won’t give you.

Check What Is Trending At The Time:

Always make sure you are keeping up to date on trends and maybe there is something that is relevant to your business at that time. For example if you make cakes or tend to bake a lot there is always quite a few trending stories on big chains falling out over stealing each other ideas or trying to copy. This sort of thing always goes viral on social media and often there is funny posts that circle around back and forth.

Use Visuals:

Images is  a HUGE, HUGE thing on social media. Images can say thousands of words in just seconds, they are perfect for social media. Instagram is huge for this reason being, it is growing on the daily and people just love looking at other peoples images. You don’t have to post images with everything but it is a huge help with getting seen and getting your business out there, as long as the image is relevant to your business / the content you are posting.



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