The Future of The Internet

Never has the internet proven it’s worth more so then in the past 12 months. The pandemic and resulting periods of lockdown meant people had to adapt and rely on the internet for both work and play. The internet was sort of created in 1969 when a message was partially sent from a room at the UCLA in Southern California to a Stanford Research Institute computer.  It did actually crash after partly sending the message.  This was the first message sent from interconnected computers, this would become the internet as we know it.

The internet has transformed human existence and the way we carry out and indeed live our lives. It’s probably the single biggest creation in the tech world and quite possibly of any industry, though we suspect at this present time the creators of the Covid vaccines might run the internet close.

So here at Dorset Tech we thought we’d take a look at what the future might hold for the internet and how it will continue to evolve and shape our lives.


Now the working world has had it’s eyes opened to just how easy it can be to work from home expect more and more companies to make the switch permanently. More and more companies have also realised they can save money on overheads and offices by allowing staff to work from home.  Communication is instant online and this could actually speed up work processes and mean a more streamlined working system. With Zoom and Microsoft Team leading the way more and more people will choose to stay working from home cutting out the tiresome commute for many.


It’s more and more important to stay healthy these days and with peoples busy schedules meaning time is limited this means people have turned to working out from home or exercising in their front rooms. The remote workout industry has sky rocketed, even before lockdown. The various exercise bike classes you can now do from your home has meant you never even have to drive to the gym now to join others.  Even last month a new virtual treadmill service was released where people can join others in the UK on their treadmills with a live personal instructor in front of them. Expect more and more companies appearing that offer live classes in all manner of exercise classes.


This was already a huge reason people use the internet nowadays. We expect this to continue to be the main reason people use the internet. From booking holidays to meeting new people for relationships, the internet will continue to serve as the main focal point for man. Then there is social media which rightly or wrongly grows each year in popularity and usage.  Maybe the recent lockdowns will mean people start to enjoy the outdoors again and take a break or reduce their online time but we would be surprised if it did. Dealerships for cars had to adapt to doing virtual walkarounds of cars people wanted to buy and indeed people bought cars without even seeing them live or taking them for a test drive such was the trust put in the internet and its capabilities.


Another sector to bloom in the pandemic or more so in the last lockdown was education. Many mistakes were made in the first lockdown or should we say people were took by surprise at the events so were simply not prepared. By the 3rd lockdown we had learned some lessons and it become more easier to educate and teach online using Zoom etc. Whilst we don’t think it will replace classroom teaching it’s apparent that online classes can be held effectively and you can expect this sector to grow more and more even when lockdown has ended, maybe more so in the personal education sector.

Loss of Privacy:

Sadly the more time we spend online the more we risk losing our privacy and being open to unwanted advertising or even fraud.  If the flow of information goes one way from the internet user to companies then we do risk having a big brother is watching you scenario. Already there are strong rumours of how companies listen to your conversations and then present adverts based on the topic of conversation.

As we live more and more of our life online then we naturally open ourselves up to unwelcome attacks and perhaps more pressure to be a certain way or look a certain way, having to conform to ideas we really shouldn’t have to.  It might seem daft but if you want to get an idea of what potentially the world will be like in the future then newly released sci-fi films often give an indication of things to come.

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