The Benefits of Remote Meetings

Remote meetings may not be for everyone, but we have found them to be very useful to our customers. We have committed ourselves to offering our clients a service that is high on productivity and low on expenses. Part of that commitment includes offering remote meetings to all our customers in place of face-to-face appointments.

Before you ask to meet with us in person, here’s a few reasons why we think you should consider the benefits of remote meetings when working with Dorset Tech.

Benefits of Remote Working

  • Every web design agency is going to pass on the cost of meetings whether they tell you or not – the cost will be built into the project. When we meet remotely, there is no need to pay for travel expenses, hotel accommodation, staff time with travelling or other extravagances. You only pay for the time spent at the meeting.
  • Remote meetings are eco-friendly as there is no need to use a vehicle to attend meetings; virtual meetings are considered “green” and better for the environment.
  • We can set up and raise tasks instantly (and sometimes even complete them!) when we hold a remote meeting, improving workflow and productivity, and ensuring your project has a good head start. When we meet you at your site, tasks will normally be typed up later that day.
  • We can connect with customers anywhere in the world, making the logistics of meeting simpler and less of an issue, especially when various stakeholders are involved. On site meetings require everyone to be available and prepared to meet at a specific location, which can be a logistical nightmare.
  • Remote meetings can be recorded. As a result, any member of our team can fall back on the recordings while working on your project. This means the meeting information is always accessible and available to all parties, even when someone wasn’t in attendance at that meeting.
  • You can have your meeting with us from the comfort of your own office space without the worry of having to find meeting space or the time to sit down with us, while still receiving a personal and interactive customer experience.

Things to Remember

The benefits of remote meetings help us to keep costs low and availability high. We want to be as accessible and affordable to our customers as possible, and that’s why we hold virtual meetings instead of face-to-face consultations.

By holding remote meetings, we are able to connect with customers all across the UK, and we can also keep productivity high as less time is spent out of office. It is our belief that this is all advantageous to our customers and helps us deliver your projects to the highest standard.

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