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Instagram removes the like count – how it effects your business

So I was browsing Twitter tonight and I see weird posts about eggs, influences and a hashtag of #instagramDELETE. What’s going on? So I did some digging and it turns out Instagram have announced a big change today.

As of 18th July 2019, Instagram will no longer show how many likes a post has. For most businesses, this will actually be a held, but it’ll hurt Instagram influencers, some of whom are paid per like.

The change is a relatively small one when it comes to the user experience and coding of the site, but wow! this has a big impact and we think it is for the best. In a tweet earlier today, the Instagram team announced that they want us to focus on the photos and videos, rather than the amount of likes we receive. This is so welcome, as especially younger users of the platform can get so obsessed in making themselves look bigger online and this will no longer matter.

To clarify; you will still be able to see your own likes, but nobody else will. If you are a social influencer then this will be a huge change as it is going to be harder to show your “value” to potential sponsors, but have no fear – your stats will still be there and your followers are still followers!

I’d love to know how you think the change will impact your social media – let me know in the comments below.

Chris Ryu "Chameleon"

Chris has been a developer for over 15 years. His unique experience crosses over into Marketing and he is well known in the Dorset Web community for his transparency. He founded the Dorset Science & Technology Centre in 2017, providing a home to the STEM subjects in rural Dorset.

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