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Post Lockdown To Do Lists

Post Lockdown To Do Lists:

The 4th of July has always been an important day in the calendar. Not for the UK but for the USA. More commonly known as Independence Day it commemorates the declaration of Independence in the United States. This year however in 2020 this date is also quite significant in the UK, along the same lines of freedom too though not to the scale of the US. The 4th July is when pubs, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, hotels and visitor attractions can officially open again after months of being forced to close due to the restrictions.

For the little ones playgrounds can open again which is good news, giving them a way to burn off some energy. Campsites can open again though choosing to be alone again might not be at the top of everyone’s to do list right now. That trip to the seaside just got a whole lot more desirable. There’s still restrictions in place so thing’s aren’t back to normal by any means, but just the fact we now have some choice is a welcome relief from the months of not having any.
So, with so many new options now on the table what can we expect to see in the next few weeks.

With so many blockbuster films having been delayed expect to see cinemas sell out more frequently then before. Especially if seating is limited to leave spaces between people sitting so they adhere to social distancing rules still in place. So instead of a film selling out the first weekend only it could mean it sells out for longer and the usually release week rush lasts longer as capacity has been reduced.

Question is how will film studios decide to release films with many not wanting to clash with each other if releasing an expected blockbuster such as the new James Bond film or one of the many Marvel films which always prove popular with a huge fanbase. We expect studios will stagger the release dates so they make the most of the release week rush as releasing 2 or 3 blockbuster films on the same weekend or even same week will dilute down the potential income. This is good news as it means we will have a steady stream of top films to see at the cinema for a long time after the 4th July.

Probably the biggest thing to be affected by lockdown restrictions is the pub scene. For many people this is there regular source of socialising and meeting friends etc. Could we see a rush like the traditional pre-Christmas Friday madness or will it be more of a nervous walk before you can run approach by many? Some could be put off by the restrictions and guidelines put in place for pubs to open meaning it’s not really going to be like it was pre-lockdown. Feedback on social media towards the disclosure by some pubs of what visitors need to do to visit their establishments has been met with shock. No standing, no moving around, masks when visiting the toilet, temperature taking on entry, leaving contact details and many more things might put people off returning.

Of all the activities to open up on the 4th July I think this one could be the hardest to predict. It could either be immensely busy, to the point of causing problems or see a lukewarm reaction and people decide to leave it until some of the requirements have been removed allowing for a more relaxed time.

No doubt about it restaurants will see a huge increase in demand when they open. Especially as during lockdown people have been ordering restaurant quality food as a takeaway so now have a taste for it. Seating capacity will be restricted too so we’d suggest you book well in advance or face disappointment. Tables have to be 2 metres apart which means many restaurants have had to remove tables meaning less covers.

After being forced to cook at home for months we can imagine people are desperate to get out and we also expect this to be a regular thing too and not a let’s go out once and that’s it for months. People will probably go out to restaurants on a weekly basis for a while after the 4th July. Finally, people will be able to visit that restaurant they have been having takeaways delivered from during lockdown. Don’t be too surprised to not see any offers on at restaurants as we expect demand will outstrip supply for a good few months so there will be no need to try entice people in when the lockdown will have done all that for them.

Sods law during the lockdown the weather has been fantastic, proper seaside weather with record breaking sun and dry days/weeks and months. Normally this would mean busy seasides and family trips away however Covid-19 put paid to all of this. Now you are allowed to visit the seaside as of today (29th June) the weather is awful with torrential rain, you couldn’t make it up! However eventually the sun will come and that seaside trip will be made. Expect it to be very very busy though. Recent news stories have highlighted issues with people not sticking top guidelines when it comes to visits to the beach. Combine this with attractions now being open and we only expect it to get busier.

Small coastal towns and seaside villages will probably be a nightmare for parking and space so we’d avoid these if possible. Large locations like Blackpool will no doubt be packed once the weather gets better, again though at a risk of being too packed. The weather will play a big part in this we suspect. The sea and beaches are going nowhere so hopefully people choose to wait a little longer.

Visitor Attractions:
A little surprised to see these being allowed to open but they will be on the 4th July. This type of activity will also be affected by the weather. Attractions such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach will no doubt be packed (weather permitting) once open. The only downside though is expecting longer queues though as seating on the rides is restricted too to allow for social distancing. So restricted seating combined with high visitor numbers could mean lots of waiting around.

Attraction like Alton Towers will suffer from the same fate in that seating will be restricted. So, unless visitor numbers are steady you could spend all your day queuing. The weather will play a part in this also. It might be better initially to stick to smaller attractions like local zoo’s, parks and lakes etc.

One thing we can agree on is it’s good to have choices again and be able to decide what to do and when (to a point anyway). Even if places will be crowded and busy it will be welcome relief. Hopefully people take a commonsense approach and still stick to social distance rules. Simple things like that ice cream or fish and chips from the paper at the seaside will be a welcome addition back into our lives.

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