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Here at Dorset Tech we understand each person has their own unique budget when it comes to getting a new website built for their business. Perhaps their old one is dated and obsolete now and not mobile responsive which is a major factor nowadays in both a ranking factor and also a customer experience factor. If you have had a quote for a new website chances are you will have received all sorts of figures, some way too low and some in their thousands.

A lot of the time you will have been quoted for features of a website you might not need, and this is why here at Dorset Tech we have launched a brand new service for cheap pay monthly websites. We already offer low price websites that are fast, well designed and represent your business online. However we understand you may have little upfront disposable income and can’t afford to spend much upfront when you need a new website for your business. That’s why our pay monthly website packages are ideal for you. All we ask is an initial payment from just £35 and then prices start from £35 per month going forward. You can pay annually and get it even cheaper with 1 month free. Prices per month do depend on how many pages your website requires and other factors.

You can add or take away aspects of your websites build and hosting that you don’t need, saving you money so you don’t pay for things you won’t use. We can even include PPC management so you can get your brand new website seen by the potential customers you are wanting to attract. The monthly fee includes any amends, updates, superfast hosting and support.

Our super simple sites are more then enough to get your presence online for your business and to advertise your products and or services. They are all from award winning designers and developers so you can be assured of only the best looking and functioning websites will be used. If in the future you need more advanced features then you can move your website to our standard service as well, giving you total flexibility moving forwards.

Some of the features you can include are as follows:

• Gallery section
• 1 Ecommerce product
• Social feed
• Blog section
• Business email accounts
• SEO boost
• PPC management
• Social media management
• Hosting

You still get the same professional design as our other packages, just with slightly less option to customise. The only commitment is a 12 month contract. We can even write the content for you. Our super simple sites can work with any business in any industry. Our new option means you can avoid using awful platforms and cheap template sites that will do more harm then good and probably end up costing you more then a standard website would.

You can build your own package custom made to your needs on our website and get an exact idea on how much per month what you need will cost. Our cheap pay monthly websites are the perfect solution to get your business a professional presence on the internet and to start attracting new business online. You can also choose your own domain name too you aren’t tied to an extension like some low budget website plans.

Our pay monthly website are built using WordPress, literally the best website platform you can use. This give you excellent stability and can also be updated with plugins to do literally any task you need. It’s also fast and reliable plus has world standard security features. WordPress also has excellent features for SEO so your website can get ranked in Google and other search engines for free, you will however require some form of search engine optimisation and we can also advise on this should you wish to incorporate this into your plan also.

To get an idea on the cost per month of your website visit this page here and complete the quick options list to be given a real time quote. Any questions please just ask about our simple pay monthly website packages starting from just £35 per month.

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