Incredibly Interesting Internet Facts

We all love an interesting fact so the team at Dorset Tech have put together some of the more interesting ones all related to the internet.

  • The internet was invented over 40 years ago in a beer garden over a drink. They do say the best ideas come to us when we least expect it.
  • Wireless internet was created in 1990 and not recently as some people think. Wi-Fi is over 30 years old now.
  • Wi-Fi is now the biggest transmitter of communication around the world.
  • Ethernet – the most commonly used wired internet is over 50 years old having been invented in the 1970’s by Bob Metcalfe
  • In 2016 there was around 7 billion people living in the world and over 23 billion devices were connected to the internet.
  • China leads the way with the most internet usage.
  • Google is ranked as the most popular website worldwide.
  • Almost half of the internet users on Earth are from Asia.
  • August, 1991 is the month the first website was published live.
  • Tim Berners-Lee is known as the father of the web as he was the first person to upload an image to the internet.
  • The first email ever medical androlic sent has the same sender and receiver in 1971. The sender cannot remember what he put in the email.
  • Wednesday is the best day for sending emails and Thursday is the worst.
  • The first ever spam email was sent in 1978 and its aim was to sell computers.
  • The 2nd most reported crime in in the world is cybercrime.
  • NASA has an internet speed of 91 gigabits per second, 13,000 times faster then the average user in the United States.
  • Seven people hailed from around the world have the power to restart the internet in case of a world shattering emergency.
  • The webcam was initially invented to check on a coffee pot.
  • The first browser that Microsoft released was Cello, released in 1993 and used by The Cornell Law School.
  • Microsoft bought Hotmail a year after it was launched in 1996. It then went on to become Outlook.
  • Google went live in 1998 and since then it has expanded into social networking, video sharing and cloud storage as well as inventing the Android operating system.
  • Facebook was initially invented for Harvard students. It was created in 2004.
  • Twitter was actually a Plan B strategy but became popular for a group of business men who launched Odeo which failed to make an impact.
  • The most visited social media platform in the world is Facebook with over 2.2 billion users, then it’s YouTube and then WhatsApp.
  • In 2019 the most popular searched phrase on Google was Disney plus.
  • On average Google has 7-10 billion search requests.
  • Google Chrome is the most popular browser with over 64% market share.
  • In the United States Amazon is responsible for over 5% of retail sales.
  • The domain name sold for 872 million dollars.
  • The first ever video published to YouTube was uploaded in April, 2005.
  • The most digitally photographed food is Pizza.
  • Before the internet came along LOL meant lots of love now it means laugh out loud.
  • Taiwan has the fastest internet speed at 85.02Mbps.
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