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Import Your Adwords Campaigns Into Microsoft Advertising Easily

For those of you who use Google Adwords PPC for generating traffic to your online business you might not know there is one other pay per click platform worth using also, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads). Yes the traffic will be lower however dependent on your business and industry there could be enough traffic to satisfy your needs and generate leads, sales and other actions on your website.

An advantage also is the traffic could be cheaper with lower costing bids per click. Some online businesses may only need a few clicks or sales a day so this platform alone could fulfil all their traffic needs. That’s not to say there isn’t the search volume as the more busier industries like insurance and finance certainly gets the search volume with thousands a day.

One positive also is the admin platform has a very useful and easy to use “Import From Adwords” feature. So you simply click to import your campaigns From Google Adwords automatically, this takes literally seconds. Meaning you can be up and running on Microsoft Advertising in minutes. If you are interested in also advertising on Microsoft but are not sure where to start speak to us and we can help.

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