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Does Social Media Work For Small Businesses?

Many of today’s small business owners often make the mistake of assuming that what works for much larger companies, won’t work for them. After all, larger companies typically have larger budgets, a team of web developers, brand recognition and a much larger customer base. While these are things that small businesses owners don’t have when starting out, there is nothing that says they can’t have these as their businesses grow.

Take social media, for example. Large companies like Coca Cola and Disney seem to dominate Facebook and Twitter. They have hundreds of thousands of followers and can make money just by posting a new article online. But does this mean that they are any better than the average small business here in the UK? On the surface, it might seem so, but in reality, it is all relative. Let me explain.

It’s All Relative

While these companies are much larger and they seem to have greater success than others on social media, it is the small business that is making the most of their social media presence. When you look at budgets, the size of the small business owner’s budget can be relative to the size of their social media followers, just as it is with Coca Cola and others. This is because small businesses are favoured highly by social media algorithms and, when done right, any small business can succeed and grow using social media.

Let’s take a look at some ways that social media is working for small businesses:

Social Media Enables You To Communicate With Your Customer Base – one of the easiest and most effective ways for any small business to communicate with their customer base is to use social media. Social media lets you communicate in real time with your customers and it makes understanding their needs and wants much easier.

Social Media Enables You To Stay A Step Ahead Of Your Competitors – your competitors are on social media and that means you should be as well. Using social media for your business lets you see what your competitors are doing and helps you to find ways to do it better.

Visibility And Brand Awareness- social media can give your small business some much needed visibility as well as helping you rank higher in the search engines. Your WordPress developer can create a responsive website for your small business and link it to your social media pages. This not only increases your online visibility and brand awareness, but it can also boost your clickthrough rate and increase your website traffic at the same time.

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