Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

With all the Tier 1,2,3 madness and confusion nobody really knows what will happen over Christmas. Who can visit who and what the rules will be then. What we do know is there is a big chance there will be some disruption to normal family life at Christmas. It won’t be a normal family Christmas that’s for certain. The past year has forced us to adapt and for many this includes taking part in activities and interests we might not have done before the pandemic started.
In light of this we thought we would put together some ideas on ideal Christmas presents for this year, gifts that could be useful if the pandemic and lockdowns/tiers continue into the new year which we suspect they might do. Gifts and presents that can be enjoyed by more then 1 person or gifts that bring things like outdoor exercise to people who normally would not partake in these activities.

Board Games:
We all know board games can go one way or the other, they can cause mayhem and arguments or bring fun to the family. Normally it’s the latter so board games are an ideal gift to give this Christmas. The old classics like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Game of Life can all ad dup to hours of fun for all the family. Plus, each game is always different so the boredom factor for playing these games never surfaces, even after a few family games.

Creative Gift Boxes:
During the spring and summer lockdown many companies had to adapt and some started to create boxes filled with create arts and craft gift boxes. Themed packs for little ones to have fun and learn. This gave people something to look forward to and an enjoyable pastime that both parents and kids alike could enjoy together. Boxes filled with fun things to do can be ordered online and you can usually find companies that do certain themes in their boxes, like cooking, travel or science etc.

Games Consoles:
Chances are if you have little ones then you will already know just how much they enjoy games consoles. This year the 2 big players release new versions of the Xbox and PlayStation and these are already on their way to being sold out and much sought after. Pre-orders for the November release are already making stock hard to come by. Prices aren’t cheap so may not be for everyone and with the added costs of games as well it may be one to look at buying once the early demand has settled and prices drop.

iPhone 12:
Again, not for everyone due to the price, unless it’s purchased on contract. Apples new flagship iPhone 12 has been released and as usual is in high demand. Maybe a gift for the adult rather then child due to it’s cost. Nothing worse then seeing an expensive new gift broken the first day due to being dropped on the floor. Safe to say we probably feel this is more a gift for adults then children. Though we imagine it pops up on many a child’s Christmas list.

Exercise Equipment:
During the pandemic and lockdown the prices of 2nd hand exercise equipment increased to more then the same items brand new. Places like Argos and online retailers all sold out of treadmills fast. 2nd hand prices as a result shot up on the usual auction sites. Many people created their own little gym in their garden, shed or corner of a room. Treadmills, indoor cycles and weights all flew of the shelves. Resistance bands you attach to doors became immensely popular. With this in mind and with restrictions still in place a piece of exercise equipment could be an ideal gift to give this Christmas. It could even be clothing or trainers for walking outdoors and getting your daily fix of exercise in the fresh air not just at home.

Amazon Firestick:
Netflix and other TV streaming services became a godsend during lockdown for most of us. With soaps and other TV drams being put on hold being filmed the choice of what to watch quickly became stale with new TV shows becoming less and less frequent. With this in mind many turned to binge watching new TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. For many this was a source of hundreds of new TV shows they had never seen and offered light relief and a break from the repeats being shown on the main TV channels. The Amazon Firestick would make an ideal Christmas present and with purchase costs and subscriptions not being too expensive.

Arts & Crafts:
Many people during lockdown turned to painting and arts and crafts to keep themselves entertained. Painting by numbers became popular and the kitchen table became a place to create masterpieces. With the arts and crafts industry thriving online there are hundreds of ideal gifts and presents for those who developed a new found love for painting and creating new artwork from the comfort of their own home.

Let’s be honest, many of during lockdown thought ourselves as master chefs. Suddenly food became one of the main things to look forward to. With restaurants closed we had to find ways to create mouth-watering meals at home. This was also helped by it being more hard to get food from the supermarket. So we had to make things from scratch and cook proper food. More and more people discovered a love for cooking they never knew they had. This makes anything to do with cooking an ideal gift this Christmas. Cookbooks, kitchen utensils and maybe fresh food cooking kit vouchers would be a welcome gift for many now.

We can’t leave out one of the most popular gifts that never fails to excite each Christmas. Lego is still one of the most popular children’s toys around, standing the test of time, and with sets now based upon well known movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter there is something for everyone. Lego’s beauty is the only thing you need is an imagination and you can build new things time and time again.

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