Boosting Social Media Engagement over Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, hopefully, by now, you’ll have gotten your social media posts planned, created, and scheduled throughout the Christmas holiday. If not, you have a couple of days to get some sorted!

Here are a few quick options you can pick from that can help boost your engagement on your social media channels over the next week or so.

Update your profile images

Add a little bit of Christmas spirit to your profile images; your visitors/followers will know you’re active if you’re keeping up with the festivities. New visitors will be more likely to follow your social media if they know you’re an active account, and existing followers won’t unfollow you on their New Year ‘clear out’.

Support a charity

Suppose you don’t want to promote anything over Christmas and want a peaceful Christmas. Why not spread the Christmas joy by supporting a charity you hold dear or find inspirational on your social media channels. Not only does this keep you active over Christmas, but it will also help others. Many charities need help over the winter months, so why not get involved and also get your followers engaged in the giving of Christmas.

Christmas Hours

The days after Christmas, leading up to New Year will be when people contact websites or social media accounts of items purchased over Christmas, whether it’s mentions, inquiries, or even returns.
Make sure that you have given your followers your Christmas hours to know when you are available to respond to their enquiries and when you are not.

The New Year Sales

Everybody looks forward to the New Year sales, which seem to start earlier every year, people queue for hours for the doors to open, websites crash due to all the traffic going to the website at the same time. It’s manic! Make sure you and your website are prepared! Keep people updated on your social media accounts of early sale access and discounts so you won’t have any stress over your Christmas break.

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