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Benefits of PPC

What is PPC, I hear you say? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. When searching for something on a search engine like Google, for example, the first few results you see will have a little ‘Ad’ symbol next to them. This is PPC.
With that ‘Ad’ symbol, the website you click on is charged a certain amount by Google whenever their link is clicked on. Businesses pay to be at the top of the search engines, as it can take time to climb the search engine rankings ladder organically.


PPC can result in instant traffic to your website. You control the budget, the audience, age and location, so you won’t be wasting money with clicks from people who aren’t your target audience or from countries you do not offer your services.
You can specifically target the audience you want business from. With PPC campaign optimisation, you will be able to find the perfect balance between budget and audience. Remember, you are setting a daily budget.

Cost Efficiency

For this method of advertising, you have complete control over your budget spend. You can control how much is to be spent per click, per day, per month. You only pay for the clicks you get, not the impressions or reach.

Multi-layer Targeting

Multi-layer targeting means you can target your audience via specific age ranges and locations that would be more likely to use your products or services and, therefore, more potential customers to you and your business. This increases your website traffic from genuinely interested parties rather than your website being stumbled upon.


PPC uses analytics to produce reports on your campaigns. This gives you precious insight into how successful your PPC campaigns are or if you need to do a little tweaking. They can tell you what search terms are leading people to your page, what they are clicking on, how long they’re spending on your website, and a whole lot more.
These analytics reports can help you with your other marketing strategies, such as SEO. SEO works similarly to PPC, but you won’t be paying the search engines for the top spot, so SEO works more organically. You website may take more time to be at the top spot, but SEO is very effective. And with the help of your PPC analytic reports, they can help boost your SEO.

PPC can be a little difficult to get the hang of, but we can help you with that. We can also take this task off your hands to focus more on your company and other matters. Dorset Tech can help with your PPC, SEO and other marketing strategies, so why not get in touch with us? We look forward to hearing from you!

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