Beginners Guide to PPC (Pay Per Click)

When it comes to online marketing Dorset Tech know a thing or two about how to best advertise your website and get new business. One of the main services we provide is SEO (search engine optimisation) which is the process of achieving the free organic rankings in Google however we are equally as experienced and knowledgeable with pay per click advertising.

For many people pay per click may seem like a daunting prospect however we can simplify it so you understand what’s involved and what it could bring to your online business. We have put together a brief beginners guide on PPC so you can decide if it’s something your business could benefit from.

You simply select which keywords or phrases you want your advert to appear for and add these to your account with a maximum bid amount.

Where will my adverts appear?

Your adverts will appear mainly on Google itself and some of it’s approved partners. However as Google has most of the UK search market you will mainly appear there.  Your adverts will appear on Google on desktop and mobile and tablet devices too however you can choose to only appear on one or all of them, you can select which device you want your adverts to appear on.

How much will it cost?

You can spend as much or as little as you wish. You can set daily spend limits so you are always in total control of your budgets. You can even set your advert to only appear at certain times of the day.  The industry you are in also has an impact too, for example if you are in insurance or finance then this is a highly competitive industry so  the cost per click will be more. Think of it like an auction but the more you bid the higher up the positions in Google you appear. However you can still get clicks even with a small daily budget, don’t think you have to spend hundreds a day.

Who creates the adverts?

Your adverts can be images or text. To begin with you will most likely use text adverts. These are easy to set up however the interface could look complicated if you are a new user. We can set up these adverts for you if you wish with our PPC management plans, affordable complete PPC management. We would work with you to include all the vital information you want to display to your potential customer.

Do I need to manage it daily?

To begin with ideally you need to manage it daily, this doesn’t require a lot of time but more so to make sure you aren’t wasting budget on clicks from keywords not related to your business.  Once your account is set up and running properly dependant on the industry and your daily spend once or twice a week should be enough. This does depend though on your budget as if you spend hundreds daily or weekly you want to make sure it’s working well and not wasting spend.

Will I lose control of spend?

No you are in complete control of your budget at all times. You will never spend more then you need to at any point.  You tell the account your daily budget and once you have exhausted this your adverts will go offline and not appear.  You can even choose to spend your budget on desktop PC’s or mobile or both and you can reduce bids on either as well.

When do the adverts appear online?

You can schedule your adverts to appear whenever you want, workdays, weekends, even what time or hours. You have complete control over when your adverts are live and when they go offline.  This is easy to do with a simple schedule in your account.

How do I know if they are working?

If you’re spending all this money on clicks to your website you want to know if it’s working and people are performing the desired action on your website. We can do this using conversion tracking.  You simply insert some code onto your website and you can track when someone makes an enquiry, buys something or performs an action. This then shows which keyword created the conversion so you can bid more or add more budget to  the keywords working and away from the keywords which aren’t.

Can I pay Dorset Tech to manage this?

Yes you can as we provide affordable pay per click management. We can take care of everything from start to finish and we make sure your campaigns are fully optimised to get the most from your budget. We work with you to make sure we are advertising the areas of your business you want seen.

Pay-per-click advertising is an instant solution if you’re looking to drive more targeted traffic to your website, especially if you need to generate more leads or increase sales. A pay-per-click advert can be set to any budget you like, and you only pay when an individual actually clicks through to your website (hence why it’s called pay-per-click).

The benefits include:

  • Instant traffic
  • Cheaper then print adverts
  • 100% measurable
  • Set your own budget
  • Generate sales and leads

Speak to the team here at Dorset Tech on how PPC can help your business grow and attract new customers.

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