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What Website Features Set You Apart

With so many websites out there chances are there will be hundreds in your industry, all competing for the same people and the same business. So, the question is what can you do to set your website apart from all the others, to entice people to trust you and perform an action, be it purchase an item, complete a form or simply contact you to discuss your services.

You often here about athletes and professional sportsmen talk about the 1 percenters! Meaning it’s all the little things that help them achieve success. The 1% gains that all add up. This is similar to websites too. Gaining peoples trust is the first thing you need to do when they visit your site.

So what can you do to make your website stand out and be different to the others? What could your one percenters be? Below we try give you some ideas on what you can implement onto your website to help you achieve success.

Live Chat:
Customers often have questions and having to email a website and wait hours sometimes days can mean a loss in a sale as they go elsewhere as they get a quicker reply to their question. A live chat feature means they get instant answers and this could mean they go on to perform an action or purchase there and then. A live chat feature looks professional and also makes a website seem more human and accessible providing a personal touch. Live chat is quite common nowadays but could still be a useful sales tool for your business website.

Compare Function:
If you are an online retail outlet and you sell items then a compare function could be handy. Especially if you sell similar products with subtle differences such as TV’s, laptops and white goods. Being able to compare things such as laptop memory, speed, chip used or a washing machines load capacity is a handy tool to have and means customers feel they are making the correct choice when it comes to making a purchase. Make it easy and obvious to use the compare function on your website so it’s not hidden away and the site visitor has to go looking for it.

Sale Section:
People love a bargain and it can be the difference between a sale and no sale. Impulse buys account for a large part of online sales. If you know your item is cheaper then anywhere else then it makes sense to give it prominent position on your websites homepage. This is the case if it’s a single item but also if you have multiple sale items then make it clear on your homepage with a direct link to your sale section.

Social Media Links:
Social media can really enhance a business. People visit social media platforms of businesses to see feedback, read reviews, ask questions and see the overall general feedback for the company. If you have a strong social media presence then its essential you give clear access to this from your website, ideally in the footer and contact us pages. If as a business you interact with your customers a lot then even better as active interaction can build trust too.

Free Delivery:
People love free things and free delivery is a big deal for many. Many a time a potential customer has added something to their basket, gone to checkout and then seen the delivery charge being added, to then leave the site due to the cost. Delivery charges can make or break a bargain so free delivery means the customer knows the complete purchase price at all times. Obviously this all depends on your profit margins per product and the cost to deliver the goods. Large items like white goods, washing machines etc will cost a lot more to deliver so you might have to price this in the items retail price.

Clear Navigation:
You only have so many seconds to grab a customers attention when they visit your website. If they can’t find what they want quickly they will leave your website. This is why a clear navigation process is essential to your website. People want to be able to find what they are after within a few clicks or they get frustrated and leave. Never use confusing navigation and indeed when you are building your new website always factor in this as essential work.

Mobile Version:
More and more people are browsing and buying using their mobile phones. Infact the majority of searches are now performed on a mobile. This means if your website is not built to be mobile responsive then you are missing out on huge traffic numbers. Plus if you spend money on advertising this could be wasted expenditure if your website can’t convert traffic to sales. The first thing you should do is make sure your website is mobile responsive and if not it needs to be asap. A well thought out website on a mobile device or tablet can be the difference between a sale and not. Your competitors will have great looking mobile websites so make sure you do.

And what you don’t need!
Avoid any of the following as these just annoy people and will take your website back to the 90’s: Scrolling text, songs or music, videos that auto play, animation like falling snow and pop ups. These things alone will quickly ensure site visitors will click away.

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