Upcoming Price Increase

Website/App Agency Pricing

For website/app design and development, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, we have decided to keep our “Small Business Covid Support” discounted hourly rate (£25/hour) until at least July. At that time it is likely that our larger customers will move to our standard rate. At £35/hour we are still by far the lowest agency around. This will be communicated directly well in advance. We endeavour to keep our other discount schemes – charity, kid, animals, #SBS winners and Gillingham Chamber of Commerce for the foreseeable future. We remain Carbon Neutral and will still be donating most of our profits to the community.

Industry Average: £108
Local Average: £62
Our Discounted Hourly Rate: £25
Our Standard Hourly Rate: £35

Tech Repairs

We started offering tech repairs just as Covid was starting and opened Tech Bar during lockdown, so we decided to give everyone the discounted hourly rate. We’ve invested heavily in high-end diagnostic equipment, micro-soldering stations, etc and are about to invest in Apple Authorisation Process. The Tech Bar has become very busy and so we’re looking at increasing the team again, investing in new systems, plus advanced training to offer very specialist repairs. This means that unfortunately we will need to put our prices up from 1st March. We’ll still be the cheapest around at £35/hour inc vat.

Industry Average: £65
Local Average: £38.50
Our New Rate From 1st March: £35

Policy Changes

The Tech Bar is often targeted with counterfeit devices, theft, people doing a runner, fraudulent warranty claims, etc. As a result, we have invested in a secondary camera system specifically targeting fraud and brought in new returns & trade in policies to help protect our business. We recognise that these new steps may slow down trade-ins and refund requests, but we endeavour to keep inspection time to a minimum.

Lock in the Current Pricing

All projects and repairs quoted for before 1st March will keep the current rate. I completely understand that no-one likes a price increase and we would like to avoid it where possible (web agency customers), but we hope you understand that this is essential for us to be able to sustain our growth and improve customer service.

Thank you all for your continued business and your support!

Chris Ryu "Chameleon"

Chris has been a developer for over 15 years. Known for his unique experience crosses over many fields.

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