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2021 – A Busy Year

As it seems everybody is writing off 2020 and concentrating on 2021 we thought it would be good to look into how people could react once lockdown is relaxed and life kind of reverts back to normal. We’ve already seen “what you doing for Christmas” posts on social media, people are reluctantly wiping off 2020 rightly or wrongly or more to the point a bit too soon maybe, who knows.

Let’s look at sports events first, the irony is in 2021 we will have major sporting events such as the football Euros, Olympics and major boxing events featuring the 2 British heavyweights. These combined with regular events like Wimbledon, Horse Racing, Motor Sports, domestic football and rugby and you can see it literally will be a summer of sport in 2021. Ironically we could be spending a lot of time indoors watching these sporting events, just like we have stayed indoors in 2020 so far.

In terms of attending sporting events there could be a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. We would expect there to be a rise in actual people attending sporting events, football and rugby matches and so on. Fair weather fans especially will probably be attempted to attend more matches then normal due to the lockdown this year, making that Sunday or Saturday afternoon match a more attractive proposition now. People will probably appreciate it more now and are more likely to make an effort to attend.

Socialising in general will probably see an increase, with restaurants, bars, cafes seeing an increase in footfall as people do all the things they took for granted whilst in lockdown.  Meals out with friends and family will no longer be taken for granted. That all important drink with the lads will become a regular occurrence.  Nipping out for a coffee will be a regular thing we expect. Whilst eating takeaway restaurant quality food at home will suffice for now there’s no replicating the ambiance of being in a nice restaurant.

So onto holidays, where do we start. Expect to see a huge increase in holidays abroad, people flocking to the beaches and to get their dose of Vitamin D. Infact don’t be surprised if it’s a last one turn the lights off scenario!  People now more then ever need a holiday and with most peoples holidays being cancelled it only fuels the desire to get away once they can.

Then we have all those weddings cancelled. These will no doubt take place in 2021, however with many wedding venues being booked years in advance this could be a logistically nightmare for many couples.

Whilst  the majority of us don’t really know what’s going to happen it’s fair to say life will be impacted for at least the next few months, maybe rest of the year so with that in mind most people are now looking to next year.  Of course we would all gladly take any bonus months this year lockdown free, especially if in the summer months, there’s still time but with so many factors affecting this nobody is really expecting a sudden “ok now your free” lockdown removal. There is more than likely going to be some restrictions in place for a long time yet.

So whilst 2020 is going to be a very quiet year for sports events and so far for socialising 2021 will more then make up for it going by social media chatter.

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