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Social Media Marketing

Instagram removes the like count – how it effects your business

So I was browsing Twitter tonight and I see weird posts about eggs, influences and a hashtag of #instagramDELETE. What's going on? So I did some digging and it turns out Instagram have announced a big change today. As of 18th July 2019, Instagram will no longer show how many likes a post has. For most businesses, this will actually be a held, but it'll hurt Instagram influencers, some of whom are paid per...

Dorset Tech Has Expanded The Team!

We've expanded the Dorset Tech Team In the last few months we have seen significant growth as an agency, and we want to continue providing each and every client with the same excellent service that you’ve come to expect from Honest Tech Group. There’s a number of reasons why expanding the team at our agency is not only necessary but highly beneficial for you. As a result of expanding our team, we can: Continue to deliver...

social media for business

Does Social Media Work For Small Businesses?

Many of today’s small business owners often make the mistake of assuming that what works for much larger companies, won’t work for them. After all, larger companies typically have larger budgets, a team of web developers, brand recognition and a much larger customer base. While these are things that small businesses owners don’t have when starting out, there is nothing that says they can’t have these as their businesses grow. Take social media, for...

Business Social Media

Social Media For Business – The Essentials

It is often said that if your business can’t be found on social media, it can’t be found at all. While a completely false statement, there is just a small bit of truth to be found in it. At least with the large percentage (almost 78%) of online shoppers who use social media exclusively to find the goods and services they are after. So why is social media so important for today’s businesses? From...

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