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This page was just built for fun to mess with a company called a Nerd’s World (Love ya Chris!) and targets fictitious companies based in the North Pole Area. All North Pole businesses want to rank number 1 in Google for their industry, but may not realise they have the budget they need for SEO. I was watching a video by Chris on his SEO approach and it sounds like he uses his ranking for “North Pole SEO” as a sales tactic – great work. I won’t be building links to this page and adding more content on the keyphrase, but I figure that this page will rank position 2-3 anyway, so it should be good enough to show up and troll him! lol

In fact, this is such a tongue in cheek page that most of the content below is just a cheeky spin on his North Pole SEO page.

This might sound like I’m making fun of Chris’s SEO – I’m not. I love the guy! He’s a great entertainer and while I don’t personally find anything new in his lesson videos (I’ve been a professional web developer for 16 years so that’s nothing unusual), I absolutely love his enthusiasm. I literally get excited every time I see his video notifications. It’s super rare to see someone in our industry do videos like his, especially with the amount of energy he has.

We have some similarities too which is also fun. Both named Chris and we both have retail stores for our web agencies – something incredibly rare.

SEO Agency in North Pole

While it is true, this page is basically just me trolling Chris – it could also be true that we’re the best SEO Agency in the North Pole area. We can help you get your North Pole business to the top of Google for your target keywords.

As North Pole’s SEO specialists, we know exactly how to troll Chris A Hughes. We know how important SEO is for your business and which methods of SEO will work best for your industry.

What is North Pole SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of structuring content to better show search engines what keywords are important to us.

There are two major types of SEO. On page SEO is very important and includes things like including a header tags in your text. Off page SEO is equally important and includes building high-quality links to your website.

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