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The best websites we feel have a clean and consistent design throughout all the pages. With clear and precise content that is easily readable and easy to find. This encourages site visitors to perform an end action be it form completion, telephone or online purchase. This is why our website design in Poole services have an enviable reputation for delivering fantastic looking websites that perform as well as they look.

Website Design PooleDorset Tech can design a visual concept for your website that enhances your brand and appeals to customers through a tidy and uniformed appearance. Experienced in delivering fantastic looking sites with function to match. Your site should be easy to use as you only have a few seconds to keep your visitors attention. If they struggle to find what they want or get inundated with information they will most likely go elsewhere fast. This is called bounce rate and is how quick people click on your site then leave without performing any other action including clicking to another page. Our sites are designed to discourage this.

We have 5 stages to our site delivery process.


We learn about your business and your aims, your goals. We understand what you want your website to do and what functions to perform.


We put together visual concepts so you can get an idea on how the site will look, here we can amend and discuss visual changes.


Once we know how we want the site to look like we can start the back end build, the development of the code and function of the site.


Full testing is performed on all browsers, platforms and all devices so we know the site works well for everyone who comes to visit.


After the site launch we don’t just wave goodbye. We can offer excellent and affordable support packages. Plus as we have built the site we can offer great rates to amend and change the site should you wish to do so at a later date.

Website Design PooleWe have built a lot of sites and you can see examples of these live. We can offer our own ideas to inspire you or you can give us your own examples of what you like so we can have some idea in mind when creating the initial concepts. Our experienced team can create any type of site you may need and can offer expert advice on how best to bring your ideas to life. We can take care of everything from start to completion. We can even advise on increasing visitor numbers to the site.

Website Design Poole

We even understand things like colour theory and what people deem pleasing to the eye.  We know what works together well and can help encourage engagement from your site visitors. Your brand will be reflected in your site and provide a seamless transition from high street to online presence.

Why not visit our social media platforms to read reviews, comments and stories about the online world.  If you still have any questions on website design in Poole then drop us a message today and we will get back to quickly. Start the process today to your new site and see how affordable our rates are all backed with a friendly and personal local service.

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