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We’re a full-service agency building websites, apps and delivering great marketing campaigns! We donate our profits back to the community through some super projects including our own STEM education centre.

Sturminster Newton, Dorset
(+44) 01258 808577
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Web Design Dorset
Web Design Dorset
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Superhero HQ & Geek Shop – Gillingham Dorset

A unique office in prime location on Gillingham High Street, full of website and app developers, but also home to our rather unique Geek Shop!

The Past

Mid 2019 Dorset Tech decided with the lease coming to a close on the Sturminster Newton office and a desire to be more approachable, we would try and find somewhere on the high street. In typical Chris Ryu fashion, he was looking at a run down office and made an offer to bring it back to it’s former glory. To Chris’ surprise, the owner didn’t want to rent it! By chance, or fate perhaps, the most prominent office on the high street, a corner shop opposite the supermarket, opened up. A deal was agreed within a week and the team started the fit out!

The Present

Opening just before the first Covid lockdown was not ideal, but with some strategic re-arranging of furniture and storage of some equipment, the team were able to minimise the impact. Chris took the decision to “knuckle down” through lockdown and expanded the team to cope with increased demand. In total 9 new hires were made during the first lockdown and a further one during the second.

The team has adapted well to the changes and this office is doing its best to become part of the community through some initiatives launching in January 2021.

The shop stocks a range of “Geek Culture” gifts and collectables, plus a range of educational products from our STEM centre while that is closed.

The Future

In January 2021 the team at this office will be expanded to include more developers, including an apprentice and another account manager.

Some refurbishment work is being done to bring it up to the visual standards of our flagship “Tech Bar” office and an audio booth is being installed.