Mobile Game Development

We’ve Been Building Custom Mobile Games For Over 5 Years

Building your custom mobile game could cost a lot less than you imagine! This is because our unique social enterprise status makes our apps around 1/3 of the price of rival agencies. We also offer Hybrid Mobile App Development which can bring costs down again. Get in touch with Dorset Tech to discuss your mobile game requirements – we might just surprise you!

Why Mobile Game Development?

Our team are experienced in building native IOS and Android apps, it’s only natural that they use the same skills to create, build and develop mobile games. We can build all but the most complex game apps, and there are a number of frameworks available to us, subject to the needs of your project. Game consumers spend billions on mobile games every year in the UK, it can be an extremely lucrative industry, when a game is built and marketed correctly. 

Why Choose Us?

At Dorset Tech we keep consumers at the forefront of our minds during mobile game development, as we understand that it is them who play the most important role in a game’s success – or lack of.  You might think that mobile game development is expensive, and out of reach. Well, we’ve reduced our development rates to match our web development rates! While we currently have a much smaller team for app development than web, meaning a waiting list, we are working hard to expand the team over the summer.

We are experienced, not only in building apps and mobile games, but in building powerful APIs to provide data to them and even fully integrated websites that use the same data and user logins. We’re also well practised in dealing with Apple and their (sometimes damn right awkward) approval process!

Benefits of Dorset Tech Game Development

  • Frameworks are 100% Free
  • Lower labour cost – up to £90/hour saving!
  • Build once, deploy to all the platforms
  • Over 1,000 free extensions to extend functionality
  • Easy to edit when combined with our web CMS
  • Supports E-commerce
  • Full control over the code base
  • Help is easy to find
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poole app developers, Flutter apps
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