Why you need a blog on your small business website

Why You Need a Blog on your small business website

There are many factors and reasons as to why you should use a blog – they can drastically boost your SEO. They take time to write and get results but don’t let that stop you from investing in this amazing technique used by almost every business big and small.


Blogs, what are they and should I use them?

Blogs are normally used on websites to cover a specific topic in order to inform users of certain information. Blogs can cover almost every topic and can be used to drive traffic to websites and topics. Blogs should be used by everyone looking to expand their reach and grow as a business –  good blogs can drive traffic.


Should small businesses use blogs?

Small businesses should most definitely use blogs as it can increase the amount of people on your site. A good blog will increase your retention rate  and therefore help you rank higher on SERP (search engine results page). Blogs are also good for small businesses as every time you post something or someone posts on your blogs this counts as an update to your site meaning that search engines will crawl it more frequently leading to a change in rank as they re-evaluate your site


The positives of using blogs

Blogs have lots of positives that range from driving more traffic to being a cheap way of marketing your business and topics that you cover. One positive is that blogs are good for SEO if done correctly. This is due to the huge range of things you can implement into a blog such as keywords, links (this is good as it allows you to make internal links that can carry over authority) and sharing of relevant news. Blogs can also help with converting traffic into leads as if you provide relevant and up to date information, they are more likely to make a purchase. Blogs are also good if you have social media as well this is because you can repurpose your blog posts into social media posts allowing you to be even more relevant for that topic.


Is It Worth it?

So, you’ve read this far and now you’re wondering if it’s worth it… Blogs are almost always worth it. They give long-lasting results and are a strong developmental point for your site’s SEO. It may take a while for you to see physical results, but that’s the same with most marketing channels. Blogs are the way to go if you’re looking to grow your business or maintain the top ranks on Google.


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