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How to build trust and authority with content

Running a successful business is almost impossible without building trust and authority in your niche or industry. You can take actionable steps to develop and nurture your brand’s trustworthy image among your target audience.

Provide Answers

One of the best ways to build brand authority with content is to think about your content from your audience’s point of view. By asking yourself, “What do my customers want to know?” It would be best to direct your content marketing strategy based on the most relevant questions in your industry and provide valuable answers.

Showcase Your Expertise

Make use of your most valuable asset, your in-house expertise. Sports brands, like Nike, bring in pro athletes to help create and collaborate on the best shoes for their needs. Even if you’re not a giant like Nike, you can still drive your audiences trust and industry authority by showcasing your expertise.

Case Studies

Case studies are commonly overlooked as they can be tricky to decide what type of data or how much data to include. Many business owners and marketers feel like they don’t have enough information to make a worthwhile resource. However, a case study doesn’t have to have a decade’s worth of results or knowledge for it to be valuable. You can get just as strong of an effect with short-term results.

If you’re planning on using case studies for your website, make sure you have permission to share the data you use and also give credit where it’s due.

Use Various Formats

Content marketing that aims to build trust and authority can come in many different formats. It’s human nature to trust something when there’s a face associated with the message (a lot of celebrity endorsements for products and services are case and point of this). This is why a lot of companies do a lot with video content, as it puts faces to messages that can help gain business credibility and trust.

Stick To Your Brand Values

People trust and believe in honesty and transparency. Your content can help you communicate your commitment to your brands’ values. This helps amplify the trust built with your customers or clients and will more likely be repeat customers.


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