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Why It’s Now Easier Then Ever To Sell Online

As a business owner you might have been putting off selling your products online due to the worries about costs, being complicated and the overall hassle of getting it set up.  We can gladly tell you gone are the days of it being a long drawn out process with many complicated tasks required. We can also tell you it’s not that expensive anymore and in most cases selling your products online via E-commerce is free to set up, apart from the development costs, which again are not much due to the free plugins now available that can work seamlessly with your website.

Today there are free E-commerce plugins for most website build platforms like WordPress. These simply upload to your website and with just a few clicks and tweaks your website is ready to go to sell online. It really is easy to get started and gone are the days where there are hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of development to get started.

Payments can be taken by many different platforms too, all with different prices. PayPal offer an easy payment platform that works well and blends in perfectly with most E-commerce platforms. Obviously they do charge a percent so always make sure you understand what fees are involved.  There are other payment options too such as credit or debit card payment companies but again these do charge a percent so may eat into your profit. Not ideal if your profit margins are only small.

It’s also easy to upload your products to your website once the E-commerce plugin is installed. Normally this is done via an easy admin section, so you just enter a few details about the product, prices etc, postage options and then images and upload. Most platforms nowadays let you do things like add stock number and even special discount codes you can email to your customers. You can literally run your own online store quickly and easily.

In todays modern climate with all the restrictions and the recent pandemic selling online could open your busines sup to extra profit. Making it easy for your potential customers to buy online. What’s more you instantly increase your customer base as you can now target nationwide or even worldwide should you wish to do so. The potential is huge once you start selling online.

Even if your website is not built for E-commerce and to sell online it will be easy to implement the function using the plugins. The only cost will be the development fees but these are now a lot less thanks to the easy way the plugins install onto the websites platform.

Even if you only sell a small amount of items it’s easy to get started.  Here at Dorset Tech we can take care of all this for you. Providing you with a free quote beforehand so you can see just how much it will cost to start selling online.

One of our preferred platforms to sell online is WooCommerce, this offers you a secure and safe way to sell online using an established and industry leading process that’s been recognised as easy to use and trustworthy. We also use Magento stores as well and these are perfect for selling online. Magento is an ecommerce platform, which provides online stores with a flexible shopping cart system. In addition to control over the look, content and functionality of your online store.

The staff at Dorset Tech are fluent in Magenta and how to use it effectively to create the best results for your business. We have the tools to help your business rapidly grow through use of Magenta. We can develop your website for you, meaning you have time to focus on the other important aspects of your online store – such as reaching out to your audience. We take care of everything for you, so all you have to do is sit back and watch your business grow.

Contact Dorset Tech today for more information about magento stores and E-commerce in general and how you can get online selling your products quickly, easily and without having to pay silly prices.

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