Is A New Website An Investment?

When the time comes to think about a new website one thing that puts people off upgrading is if it really is a necessity. Does a new updated and modern website really make that much of a difference to a business?  With websites nowadays costing upwards of £500 this can be a lot of money especially for a small business. This leaves business owners pondering if to stick with their old and dated website or invest in a new one.

Fact is no matter what industry you are in your competitors will probably have a website also and depending on the industry you could be competing against hundreds of other websites. This means should your own website be dated and look old, perform poorly then you are at a dis-advantage straight away.

People today tend to rely on first impressions. You only have so many seconds to grab the visitors attention, otherwise they leave.  If your website is dated and doesn’t look professional or trustworthy then you’re likely to lose business.  People also browse on their phone now more then ever and if your website is not mobile responsive then this makes a normal website virtually impossible to read and you can forget about any action being performed such as completing a form or enquiry. If your website is not mobile responsive then this fact alone means you really do need a new website.

Your website is a representation of your business and brand and is probably the first thing a potential customer see’s when enquiring about a product or service you provide.  This is the stage where you turn interest into sales or leads. An easy to use and navigate website will help with this.  Some of the things your website needs to be to compete include:

  • Website loading speed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean form enquiry
  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Clean and simple layout
  • Easy to contact business
  • Social media links

If your website is old it’s probably easier and far cheaper to upgrade to a completely new one, using a modern and fast platform such as WordPress which can easily integrate any function you wish.  It would take far more development hours trying to upgrade and fix every out-dated aspect of an old site then to start fresh and build a new site.  Plus your new site will be future proof and this reduces the costs further down the line if you need to change or add anything.

Considering websites today from Dorset Tech start from as little as £650 then this even further reinforces the for column when deciding if to get a new website designed and built. Don’t underestimate how quickly a site visitor can be put off if the website is dated and looks old and un-professional, especially if you sell online and the end action is entering their payment details.

A new website could also be easier to manage due to a modern and simple admin, allowing you to add sales, discounts, featured items whenever you like. Plus you can edit pages including the homepage easily too announcing any promotions to each site visitor. Things like this increase sales and enquiries. The features and capabilities of modern websites allow you to perform any action you wish and mange your website in an easy and efficient way.

If you plan on spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on advertising and marketing then the first thing you need to do is make sure your website is up to scratch and can convert the traffic you have paid for into business, otherwise all your budget will quickly be wasted.  Your website is a window to your business and for many people the first thing they see so if it’s not on point then visitors will quickly click away.

Why not have a search online and browse your competitors websites to see how yours compares.  This will give you a good idea on where yours stands. You might also get some new ideas.

Here at Dorset Tech we can provide you with a free no obligation quote so you get an idea on costs. We always work with you to make sure you get what you need for your business and don’t add unwanted features on just to inflate prices.  We can help you with design, layout and function as well should you be stuck for ideas.

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