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Building Websites Advice: Why WordPress?

When it comes to building websites, it quickly becomes clear there’s a lot of different solutions. It’s easy to be confused on what’s what. Indeed, here at Dorset Tech, our in-house team of superheroes can build websites on a range of different systems.

But one of the best platforms for building websites, and also one that’s great on a budget is WordPress. Did you know that a third of ALL websites worldwide are built using WordPress? Not bad for a platform that started off life as a way of building a blog.

Chances are when you’ve told others your plans for building a website, someone down the pub has said to you “my mate’s a web designer”. After all, the beauty of WordPress is it’s easy to use and as such, many people will claim to be a web designer.

However, it’s one thing having a mate called Eric who likes building websites on the side, and another thing being able to write code, fully customise a site rather than using one of the abundances of free templates and innovating with our own customised plugins.

That’s where Dorset Tech come in.

The Difference Between Designers and Developers

As we’ve already said, it’s one thing having a mate that tells you they’re good at building websites. But it’s another thing developing it. Here at Dorset Tech we are website developers. A DIY site can be spotted a mile off. Firstly, it probably uses an off-the-shelf template (and often free) that is not suitable to the needs of your business. While Eric is doing his day job, Dorset Tech are using WordPress all day, every day, attending WordPress conferences where we’re learning new tricks and tips for building websites as well as constantly innovating. We literally eat, sleep and breathe WordPress. Cut us open and there’s probably a WooCommerce plugin inside.

When it comes to building websites using WordPress, we use a five-step method.

Discovery: We take the time to get to know you and your business. We find out what you’re hoping for from your website and work out a plan on how to achieve that.

Design: We create detailed mock ups based on what we’ve already discussed with you, so you get an idea of what it’ll look like. We amend it as required to make sure we get it right.

Develop: We then get to work with your website, building, populating and styling your website. We offer any training you wish to have if you choose to manage your website going forward (although we also offer great value content writing packages). Any further amends required are done at this point.

Testing and Deployment: We thoroughly test your website on a range of different devices and emulators before it goes live to ensure it all works as it should.

Support: Things don’t just end once the websites live. We’re here if you need us- whether that’s to add new features, help promote your site or do any further work needed.

Would your DIY website building friend offer you that?

WordPress Features

As the popularity for building websites on WordPress has grown, so has the number of things it can offer grown with it. At Dorset Tech we’ve built a huge range of websites- directories, marketplace sites, wholesale stores and booking systems to name a few- all done with WordPress!

It’s Free: WordPress is free and open source which means you’re not relying on a system that you might not be able to alter to suit your individual needs. Even better, as it’s free, you’re not paying out a subscription to a different system.

Over 55,000 Free Plugins: Functionality on WordPress for building websites comes courtesy of “plugins”- little pieces of coding that extend the functionality of your website. With 55,000 of these, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Easy to Use and Well Supported: The beauty of WordPress is it’s not this large, complex system where you need a degree in computing to use it. It’s extremely simple to use. While its purpose has changed over the years, at it’s heart it’s still got it’s blog origins. Which means once you’ve entered your username and password, you can dive right in!

Fast, Secure, Regularly Updated:  Two things you never want when deciding what to use when building websites. Something that’s slower than a pushbike in a motor race or lets the gremlins and hackers in. WordPress is as fast as an Olympic athlete and about as secure as a high level prison. Once more, it’s regularly updated which means it keeps up with the latest demands and threats.

Supports E-Commerce: Gone are the days of Richard Branson selling things from the boot of his car or being a hostage to an online marketplace when you have your very own to sell products. WordPress is amazing for e-commerce, with first rate plugins such as Woo Commerce making things easier than 1-2-3.

Easy to Manage: Whether you want to install a theme you’ve bought or get your own built, it doesn’t have to be a challenge or a vast expense. WordPress makes it all easy!

Help is at Hand: With vast usage comes knowledge, and whatever your query is, help is never far away.

Building Websites Even Easier

As you can see, WordPress is easily one of the best ways to go when building websites. But is there a way of making life even easier? Maybe a way of doing it that avoids awkward conversations with the bank manager and ensures peace of mind? With our team of superheroes at Dorset Tech, there is.

We offer great value WordPress website building solutions starting at just £395. And to quote the Bryan Adams song no one could avoid in 1991: Everything We Do, We Do It For You. You see, building websites is our bread and butter.

By choosing Dorset Tech, you’re not only giving yourself and your business a first class website built by experts. That’s because we’re a social enterprise. That means the profits we make are invested into a series of good causes. That could be providing heavily discounted websites to help a business get on its feet. It could be so we can host robot building clubs, encouraging the next generation to get involved in STEM subjects. We even produce village magazines free of charge. Three examples of many.

Why not see what we’ve done already here.  Think of the possibilities. You get a website built by professionals at a price that’s great value, and by choosing Dorset Tech, you help others. Everyone is literally a winner. Apart from Eric.

Dorset Tech Support

The Dorset Tech support team is here to offer you the advice and news you need to get your foothold in the ever-evolving digital world.

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